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AFS Intercultural Programs, India

AFS is a not-for-profit international education organization that, since 1947, has provided enriched intercultural learning experiences through global study abroad programs, volunteerism, structured learning methods and reflection.

AFS delivers mission-driven impact in three ways.

  1. Develop active global citizens to take action
  2. Globalize schools and institutions with tools and programs-
  3. Expand access to intercultural education with scholarships and outreach

The AFS educational approach: –

AFS helps schools create dynamic intercultural workshops, like Effect plus workshops for the students, and ICL Training for the educators, class exchanges between two schools, and various events and competitions to enrich the entire school community.

AFS for Educators & Schools

Schools play an important role in the AFS student exchange experience. They send and host AFS students, and work with AFS to create school-based intercultural learning programs. AFS also collaborates with educators and education ministries to develop local, regional and national intercultural learning and global citizenship education policies and initiatives.

AFS Teacher Exchanges

AFS offers international professional development opportunities designed specifically for educators to become more global in their classroom practice.

AFS Classroom Exchange

AFS arranges short classroom exchange programs for a group of students to meet peers from another country and engage in intercultural learning together.

AFS encourages everyone in our global community to embrace our “learning to live together” philosophy and foster intercultural understanding.  To accomplish this, AFS educational programs help future leaders, global citizens and change makers develop essential 21st century intercultural skills to thrive and succeed in a globalized world. These educational goals are to learn and respect differences, communicate and collaborate across cultures, appreciate other cultures, build skills to use in STEM and other key areas, become part of the AFS global community and broaden perspectives about themselves and the world around them.