Principal’s Report

Hon’ble Chief Guest, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari PVSM AVSM VM ADC, Members of the HPS Society and the Board, distinguished Guests, Parents, Staff and my young eagles, I take this opportunity to welcome you to this Investiture Ceremony of our school.

Introduction of the Chief Guest

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my proud privilege to introduce our esteemed chief guest for this morning – Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari PVSM AVSM VM ADC, a distinguished officer of the Indian Air Force, brings with him a wealth of experience and remarkable achievements.

Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari is an alumnus of the prestigious National Defence Academy, Flying Instructors’ School, and Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. He was commissioned into the fighter stream of the Indian Air Force on 29th December 1982 and over 3800 hours of operational flying, his expertise in the skies is unparalleled.

Throughout his illustrious career, Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari has held numerous command and staff appointments, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills. He has served as an Air Force Examiner on fighter and trainer aircraft and holds the esteemed Cat ‘A’ Qualified Flying Instructor and Instrument Rating Instructor and Examiner certifications.

In addition to his remarkable service in the Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari has also shared his knowledge and expertise as an instructor at both Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, and Defence Services Command and Staff College, Zambia, further solidifying his reputation as an exceptional mentor and educator.

Among his notable assignments, Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari has commanded a frontline fighter squadron and two significant fighter bases, showcasing his ability to lead and inspire others. He has also held key positions such as Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Air Defence), Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Personnel Officers), and Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, where he played a pivotal role in spearheading major procurement cases for the Indian Air Force.

Prior to assuming his current role, he served as the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Western Air Command and as the Vice Chief of the Air Staff. His dedication and commitment to the defense of the nation have earned him the utmost respect from his peers and subordinates.

His gracious lady, Mrs. Neeta Chaudhari, is a multi-talented individual with a diverse background in teaching, healthcare, finance, and soft skill education. As a leader within the Air Force Family Welfare Association (AFFWA), she tirelessly works to enhance the welfare of Sanginis and their families, focusing on financial independence, empowerment, and support for Special Children. Her contributions and dedication make her an invaluable asset to the Air Force community and beyond.

Let us extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Neeta Chaudhari and Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari PVSM AVSM VM ADC, who embody exemplary leadership, excellence, and unwavering dedication to the Indian Air Force and our great nation.

Introduction of the Guest of Honour:

Today, I have the distinct honor of introducing our Guest of Honour Lord Karan Bilimoria whose accomplishments and contributions span across the realms of business, education, and public service.

Beyond his business ventures, Lord Bilimoria has dedicated himself to fostering strong economic ties between the UK and India as the Founding Chairman of the UK India Business Council. His leadership and strategic acumen have facilitated meaningful partnerships and opened doors for collaboration.

Lord Bilimoria’s commitment to education is evident in his role as the former Chancellor of Thames Valley University, where he became the youngest University Chancellor in the UK. His dedication to entrepreneurship led him to be one of the first two visiting entrepreneurs at the University of Cambridge, inspiring countless aspiring business leaders.

Recognized for his exceptional achievements, Lord Bilimoria was appointed Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea in 2006, making history as the first-ever Zoroastrian Parsi to sit in the House of Lords. His contributions were further acknowledged when he received the prestigious Pravasi Bharti Samman from the President of India in 2008.

Lord Bilimoria’s impact extends far beyond his personal achievements. He serves as a guiding force in various capacities, including his role as the President of the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) and his co-chairmanship of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Students. His commitment to nurturing global talent and promoting diversity in education is truly commendable.

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Lord Karan Bilimoria, an esteemed figure in the world of business, an influential leader, and a true source of inspiration for us all.


From 2020 to 2023, HPS’s preprimary program adopted a comprehensive approach to education, prioritizing the overall development of children.

They enthusiastically observed a variety of events and competitions, including World Smile Day, Environment Day, Cento-Buzz (an English and Math festival), Dino Week, and Animal Trivia.

To enhance learning, they established a miniature farm featuring horses, birds, rabbits, goats, and dogs, where a veterinarian educated the students on animal care.

The activities and teaching materials were designed in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework, ensuring alignment with educational standards.

The Preprimary infrastructure underwent a remarkable transformation, creating an inviting and stimulating environment that fosters the growth and success of the students.


The integration of innovative learning programs such as Mindspark, Eduten, Karadi Tales, and Lincology has enriched primary education by fostering personalized, interactive learning experiences.
Additionally, the inclusion of competitive examinations like Olympiads and Spell Bee has motivated students to excel academically. These advancements aim to provide holistic development and equip children with essential skills for the future.


It is my pleasure to present to you the Art Report for the year 2022-23, highlighting the incredible achievements of our talented students.

At the IPSC Visual Art Fest 2022, held virtually, we had outstanding performances. Nitya Penujuri (10E) received the prestigious Jury’s Choice Award, while NR Rithika (10D) was honored for her artistic expression beyond boundaries. Samyu Sri (12C) stood out with the best presentation and work of art.

In the Akhil Bharatiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra drawing competition, Krithika M. (8H) received the esteemed Kala Shri award for drawing in 2022.

In the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav held in July 2022, eight of our students secured the bronze medal. Ishi Gupta (6I), Ramit Singh Samrat (7D), Prachi Galada (7E), Sri Sahasra (7F), Gopi Sree Priya (8C), Jetson Anthony Robin (8G), Mohd. Syed Gulam (8C), and Ashvigha Prakash (8C) made us proud with their artistic achievements.

Ankith Suhas Rao (12A) emerged as a winner in the ASISC AP and Telangana regional art competition. He represented the AP and Telangana region in the nationals held in Lucknow, showcasing his exceptional talent at a larger platform.

Our students also showcased their artistic prowess in the Inter-House Online Art Competition held on 27th August 2022. In the junior category, Nishika Veggalam (8G) secured the 1st position, followed by Jetson Anthony Robin (8G) in the 2nd position and Kritika Muniganti (8H) in the 3rd position. In the senior category, Nitin Nenavath (10E) claimed the 1st position, with Niharika Mohanty (12C) and Avinash Sharma (12B) securing the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively.

Furthermore, our students showcased their talents in various other competitions. Ramit Singh Samrat (7D) won the 1st prize in the Independence Day drawing competition organized by Groundwork Education and Art. Krithika M. (8H) received the 3rd prize in category 1 at the AFS CHITRAM Art competition conducted by DPS Nacharam, and Sujaya Shreshta (9E) secured the 3rd prize in category 2.

In the NTPC energy conservation painting contest 2022, three students’ artworks were selected to participate at the State Level contest. Congratulations to Laasya Rana (Class VII, Group A), Ramit Singh Samrat (Class VII, Group A), and Ashvigha Prakash (Class VIII, Group B) for their outstanding work.

Our students also demonstrated their artistic prowess in the Auro Samelan event organized by Aurobindo International School. Krithika M. (8H) and Yana Trivedi (11B) won the 2nd prize, along with a cash award of Rs 2100 each.

At the renowned Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya’s ‘KERALA DAROHAR’ 2022, N.R. Rithika earned the 1st place for herself.


In various competitions hosted by AFS member schools:

COP – 27

Ankith Suhas Rao, a student of class 12 and the Head Boy of Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, represented India as a delegate at the 27th session of the Conference of Parties (COP 27) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt from 3rd to 12th November 2022.

Ankith was selected among six students from around the world to attend the blue zone at COP 27. Accompanied by his teacher and mentor, Mrs. P. Usha Sudhir, Ankith participated in the 17th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY 17) under the guidance of COP 27.

The delegation was involved in various activities, including the #Decarbonize Student Leadership Summit, mock COP sessions, PR training, and interactive Climate Forward workshops hosted by the New York Times. These experiences provided Ankith and the other delegates with a platform to present their views, engage with climate change leaders, and develop their leadership potential in the global community.


Laasya Rana of class 7 was featured in “Naatyahasini” for her solo Bharatanatyam performance. Our students also won prizes in a classical dance competition and received praise for their invocation dance. Teachers put on a spectacular show on Children’s Day. In the centenary year, Ms. Mallika Sarabhai performed Bharatanatyam, inspiring our students. They also showcased their talent in an international event. Overall, our dance events were a great success.


In the ASISC Debate Competition 2022 our team of Arjun Rao and Shaswat ; Amaan Ali Khan and Suleiman Abbas were runners-up in the Junior and Senior category respectively.
At Expressions ’22 – Hps Ramanthapur, Amaan Ali Khan won the Group Discussion category.
Auro-Sammelan Interschool Competition, Apurva Srinivas & Riya Abraham secured 2nd position in the Junior and Senior Category respectively.
Special Mention:
Amaan Ali Khan was elected as the President of the Young Orators Club for 2021-22. He performed diligently and excelled in the Lincoln – Douglas Debate conducted by Stanford University on an online platform.


The Department of Drama had received an invitation from the Korean Consulate for a Shadow Theatre Performance in July 2022.

In August, our students won the Best Non-verbal Script and Best Researched Enactment at the DRAMA-IPSC competition. They also secured the first position for Puppeteering at the Sunbeam Literary Festival in September.

Cambridge-IGCSE students achieved distinctions in TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON’s face-to-face examinations in Communication Skills in February.

In January, the school organized a teacher training workshop on ‘theatre appreciation’ conducted by the renowned Bangalore Little Theatre group for 25 primary and middle school teachers. The same group also performed ‘Robi’s Garden,’ a collection of Rabindranath Tagore’s plays, on Republic Day as part of the Centenary Year celebrations.

The academic year concluded with a musical play of ‘Tenali Raman’ at the Centenary Summer Camp. The chief guest, Rana Daggubati, praised the young actors of HPSB, mentioning that they were better actors than he was at their age.


The Interact Club of our school has been actively involved in educational events and community service. They distributed sewing machines, bicycles, and benches to 30,000 beneficiaries funded by the Rotary Club.

They also provided food and water to stray animals during the summer. The club organized an inspiring session with film producer Mr. Shobu Yarlagadda. They conducted a cleanliness drive, educated others on waste segregation, and organized a session on health and hygiene with Dr. Priti Challa.

Additionally, they collected and distributed 400 books to promote reading among those in need.


A professional retreat was held 9th and 10th of June 2023, with the aim of enhancing teaching practices and curriculum development in line with the National Education Policy (NEP).
Lr. Colonel S. Sekhar, the Principal of the Hyderabad Public School, Kadapa, and the resource person for the day, emphasized the role of teachers in implementing the vision of NEP. The workshop focused on aligning the curriculum with NEP, promoting interdisciplinary themes, experiential learning, and higher-order thinking skills. It also explored integrating technology and digital tools in teaching.
Individual sessions covered topics such as early education, multiple intelligence theory, Cambridge curriculum orientation, math competency, language education, sports activities planning, financial literacy curriculum, and a visit to B M Birla Science Museum. These workshops empowered faculty members with practical strategies to improve teaching practices and foster holistic development in students.


Ashrith KVSV of Class 9E and Praseeth Sashank of Class 10C achieved first place in the ASISC Regional Literary Quiz on August 24, 2022. They represented the region at the ASISC National Literary Quiz Competition in Lucknow on September 27, 2022, securing fourth place.
In the Sri P K Bheemaiah Inter-School Literary Fest on August 27, 2022, Ashrith KVSV and Mohammed Nauman Ahmed Qureshey of Class 9 secured first place.
Furthermore, Ashrith KVSV and Achyuta of Class 9 attained first place in the Mathematics Quiz organized by K V RAO Scientific Society on March 8, 2023.


Our school actively participated in various offline Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, including Suchitra MUN, DCMUN 22, Ennead: MUN, Strawberry Fields MUN, SIS MUN, and Fairgaze MUN. Our students achieved remarkable success, winning awards in different categories and honing their leadership and diplomatic skills. These conferences have provided valuable opportunities for our students to engage with global issues and develop as future leaders.


The Symphony Orchestra of India, a renowned musical ensemble, performed live at our school for the grand finale of the Indian Science Festival and the centennial celebrations of HPS. Our Music Department organized this remarkable event, offering our students the opportunity to witness the orchestra up close and participate in a special workshop with the conductor and other members of the SOI. This historic occasion marked the first time the SOI played in Telangana & AP, enriching our students’ learning experience and exposure.
The Department of Music organized a video recording of our school song as part of the centenary celebrations. 3500 students participated, skillfully conducted by Mr. Michael Ballem. The recording, captured by talented alumnus Mr. Kishor Krishnamoorthy, has garnered 24 thousand views and showcased the unity and talent of our student body.

Our students participated in the contest at Mann School, Delhi and achieved the highest rank in the treble in the paradise category. It was a challenging and rewarding experience that tested the skills and creativity of students.


The NCC had a total enrollment of 95 cadets in the Army Wing, with an impressive 46% representation of girls, surpassing the mandated 33%.

47 II-year (Army Wing), 35 II-year (Air Wing), and 25 II-year (Naval Wing) cadets successfully completed the ‘A’ Certificate examination after attending the Annual Training Camps.

Senior Division NCC started in 2021 with an intake of 40 cadets, all of whom passed their ‘B’ Certificate Examination.

Junior Wing NCC (For Girls) began in 2022 with 25 cadets gearing up for the Annual Camp and “A” Certificate Examination.

International Yoga Day (June 21st) and Kargil Vijay Diwas (July 26th) were celebrated by all NCC cadets.

NCC cadets actively participated in various social service programs, including Anti-Tobacco Day, Rain Day, and others. They also engaged in activities like sapling plantation, cleanliness drives, and maintaining statues.


The Cambridge Curriculum at our school has gained positive reviews and steady growth. We had 46 students last year, which has increased to 95 this year. Exclusive teachers have been hired for the program.
Our students actively participated in Round Square events and conferences, showcasing their leadership skills. They also organized the Cambridge Carnival, raising over 40,000 rupees for charity.
A field trip to “One Day Kisan” provided students with insights into the agricultural sector. Teacher training workshops were conducted for English, Math, and Science teachers.
The first Lower Secondary Checkpoint exam was conducted successfully, with students obtaining impressive scores in English, Math, and Science.
Overall, the Cambridge Curriculum activities have been commendable, reflecting the dedication and talent of our students and teachers.


Students from Classes 11 and 12 participated in the Fortis Psych-ED 2022 quiz, organized by the Fortis School Mental Health Program led by Dr. Samir Parikh.
The conference “Delivering Guidance and Counselling Services in the Contemporary Socio-educational Environment” took place in Wayanad, Kerala, on December 7-9, 2022. School counsellors Ms. Charlotte Raj and Ms. Nirupa Baruah attended the event.
A field trip for Psychology students (Classes 11 and 12) was organized on November 24, 2022, to the National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Bowenpally.
Ms. Shalini Gianchandani & Ms. Riha Sethia from Inner Connect conducted an interactive session on “Exam Stress and Procrastination” for Class 12 & 10 students respectively.


The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet hosted the first in-person Round Square Conference of 2023 with delegations from 24 schools. The theme was ‘Adventure: Inhale Courage and Exhale Fear’. Keynotes were given by conservationist Saad Bin Jung and Indian Missile Scientist Arun Tiwari. The conference featured adventurous activities, a cultural evening, camping, and a trip to Ramoji Film City. Baraza Sessions provided a platform to explore the conference theme.

HPS conducted a University Fair on September 2, where 32 reputed universities interacted with students from grades 9 to 12, answering their queries regarding undergraduate careers and courses. Additionally, a group of 8 student volunteers from grade 12, along with the Career Counselor and School Principal, attended the International Career Counselors Conference, gaining exposure to diverse perspectives and meeting university representatives.
On July 2, 2022, 75 students participated in “ALMA MATER CALLS,” an event organized by grade 12 students. They had open-ended panel discussions with HPS alumni in various fields, such as Law, Architecture, Media and Communication, Science and Engineering, Medicine and Healthcare, Business and Finance.
A Parenting Workshop titled “Parent Your Way to Happier Children” took place on March 11, 2023, targeting Middle School Students. Debjani Ghosh, an experienced counselor and therapist specializing in mental health and emotional wellness, served as the resource person.
To provide students at HPS with access to specialized programs and scholarships in the UK, the career counselor attended a week-long Study in Wales Counselors Tour, visiting multiple universities as part of their professional development.
The batch of 2022-23 at HPS has been admitted to prestigious universities worldwide, including University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Indiana University, Loyola Marymount University LA, University of Colorado Boulder, North Carolina State University, The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, University of Manchester, King’s College London, BIMM Dublin, University of Surrey, NLSIU Bangalore, NALSAR University of Law, Symbiosis Pune, Christ, Ashoka University, Jindal Global Law School, and FLAME, among others.


Some of the informative and interesting topics covered in SUPW include fiber and fabric, home decor and furnishing, color theory, principles of design, fundamentals of banking, domestic budgeting, insurance, taxes, health and nutrition, consumer protection, table settings and manners, flower arrangement, and various craft works.
The school also organizes inter-house competitions in categories such as making different types of flowers, flower arrangement, creating recycled products, hand-stitched eco-friendly cloth bags, and making nutritious snacks without fire. These competitions provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and skills, and the final products are displayed for parents to view.
Community service is an integral part of SUPW, and a team of eight students, accompanied by two teachers, represented the ISC class. They visited Helping Hands Orphanage and donated Rs 16,700, as well as St. Joseph’s Old Age Home with a donation of Rs 12,000. The funds were collected from a fete organized by the Commerce department, and the donations were made under the supervision of SUPW and Community Service.


This year has been truly remarkable, with our students achieving outstanding results and securing top positions in various competitions and events.
In the U/19 girls category of the CISCE Regional Meet- 2022, Gayatri secured a Gold medal, Udita won Silver, and Deshna received the Bronze. In the U/17 boys category, Ajay bagged the Silver medal, while Shlok Vardhan won the Bronze.
For U/14 girls, Ritisha secured Silver, and Mrinalini secured the 4th position. The U/19 girls and U/14 girls teams both secured the Overall Championship for the year. Additionally, Gayatri, received the Best Performer Award for the AP and Telangana regions. Five students were also selected to represent our region at the National level held in Ranchi.
10 students represented our school in the IPSC Yoga Nationals held on October 29 and 30, 2022, at Sandur Residential School in Bellary, Karnataka. Our U/17 boys secured the 3rd position at the National level.
9 students participated in the CISCE Yoga Phase 1 regional meet, held on April 27, 2023. Greeshma Saavi from Class 9 and Manvith from Class 7 showcased remarkable talent and were selected to represent our school at the national level in Kolkata on May 22, 2023.
Our summer camp this year incorporated 30 minutes of yoga practice, including various asanas, pranayama, and meditation sessions. The students actively participated in these sessions, which helped improve their overall performance.
At the CISCE Yoga regional meet 2023, 16 students from the middle and senior school participated in three different categories. In the U/17 boys category, we achieved a clean sweep, with Shlok Vardhan from Class 10F winning the Gold medal, Saatvik from Class 7E securing the Silver, and Charan from Class 8A earning the Bronze. Our boys’ team also secured the Overall Championship.
Devansh from Class 7F won the Gold medal in Rhythmic Yoga, and all the boys from this category will be representing the AP and Telangana region at the Nationals. Under the U/19 girls category, Ashrita Rao from Class 11 won the Gold medal. In the U/14 girls category, Lakshmi Boosa from Class 8G, won the Silver medal. Both girls’ teams stood 2nd in the overall championship at the meet. All the girls will be representing the AP and Telangana region at the Nationals.
We celebrated the 9th International Day of Yoga with the theme “Vasudaiva Kutumbham” (One Earth, One Family). The students demonstrated the Yoga asanas with the music and dance on Adiyogi song as the term Yoga itself defines as Union.


To begin with at the International General Knowledge Olympiad – 13 students were awarded the Gold Medal of Excellence at the school level.

In the International English Olympiad (IEO), 14 students have been awarded a Medal of Distinction and a Certificate of Distinction, 24 students have received a Gold Medal of Excellence at the school level. 17 students have qualified for the second level of the competition among them, Ishaanvi Venkat Narayan Iyer and Varunavi Goulikar have not only achieved the distinction of receiving gifts worth Rs 500/- but have also been honored with a Certificate of Zonal Excellence.

Turning our attention to the National Science Olympiad (NSO) & International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), 19 students in each have been awarded a Gold Medal of Excellence.

In the National Cyber Olympiad (NCO), Sai Kaustubh’s bagged Zonal Silver Medal, a Certificate of Zonal Excellence and a cash prize of Rs 1250/-. Aryaman Aisola, on the other hand, has received a cash prize of Rs 500/- along with a Medal of Distinction and a Certificate of Distinction.

At the International Social Sciences Olympiad (ISSO), 3 students have earned a Gold Medal of Excellence.

Last but not least, we come to the International Commerce Olympiad (ICO), Shiv Potluri has achieved a Medal of Distinction and Certificates of Distinction and Zonal Excellence. Anushka Thodupurnuri has been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of Excellence.
To all our esteemed students, your achievements in these Olympiad examinations inspire us all.

Individual achievements:

Adhyant Bayapuneni of PP2A won awards for painting competitions and held a solo exhibition during the Science fest. Ivanshika Michelle from PP2A set a record for being the youngest to read English books for a long duration.

Heyansh Vishwaksen Vemuri_ from Class 1, has innate earnestness to learn and with his immaculate memory made it to the International Book of Records.
*He identified about 21 countries and their flags in 30 seconds.*

Myra Tibrewala of Class 4 needs special mention as she is a prizewinning All-rounder .She has won accolades in Gymnastics, dance, athletics as well as English Recitation.

We are extremely happy to share that an article on Akarshana’s (7C) social activities has featured in the July issue of the educational magazine – Brainfeed.


As we embark on a new chapter in our educational journey that promises growth and inspiration, HPS(B) welcomed 22 new faculty members to their community.

Investiture Ceremony

As Student Council members, you have been entrusted with important responsibilities to represent not only yourselves but the entire student body. Therefore, it is crucial to treat everyone with compassion and respect, including teachers, support staff, parents, guests, and your fellow eagles, regardless of being seniors or juniors. We should create a school environment that is healthy, caring, compassionate, safe, progressive, and conducive to growth.

It is essential to continuously upgrade yourself to fulfill your commitments. Strive for personal and intellectual growth to inspire and empower others. Let integrity be the cornerstone of your character, demonstrating honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct.

As Student Council members, you have a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on your school community. Embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm and dedication. Be the leaders who inspire and uplift others, creating a culture of growth, compassion, and integrity. Together, let us create an environment that fosters the holistic development of every individual.

Congratulations on your achievements, and I wish you all the best in your journey as inspirational leaders. Thank you!