Hon’ble Chief Guest, Dr. Pullela Gopichand; distinguished members of the HPS Society and the Board of Governors, members of the Media, guests, parents, staff and my dear students, I welcome one and all to one of the most important events in our school calendar – the Annual Sports Day.

Winter at HPS is a season that brims with excitement and anticipation, thanks to our much-awaited Annual Sports Day. During this event, students from all four Houses engage in spirited competition, all vying for the prestigious Championship Shield, a symbol of overall excellence. Adding to the grandeur of this occasion, we are honored to have with us today a true legend in the world of Indian badminton—Dr. Pullela Gopichand.

Dr. Gopichand was born on November 16, in Chirala Town, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh. His journey into the world of sports is a tale of fate and destiny. While cricket initially captured his youthful imagination, it was the guidance of his elder brother that steered him towards a remarkable career in badminton.

After relocating to Hyderabad, he pursued his education at St. Paul’s High School in Hyderabad. Later, while graduating in public administration at A. V. College, he had the distinct honor of captaining the Indian combined universities badminton team for two consecutive years, in 1990 and 1991.

Dr. Gopichand’s journey in the world of badminton reached its first major milestone in 1996 when he secured his first National Badminton Championship title. This victory marked the beginning of his illustrious career.

On the national stage; he proudly represented India in three Thomas Cup tournaments and clinched a gold medal in the SAARC badminton tournament in 1996. In the following year, he successfully defended his title in Colombo. However, the pinnacle of his career came in 2001 when he stood victorious at the All England Open Badminton Championships in Birmingham, following in the footsteps of his mentor, the legendary Prakash Padukone.

While Dr. Gopichand’s individual achievements are commendable, his accolades and contributions to the sport extended beyond the court. He was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1999. A decade later, in 2009, he was bestowed with the Dronacharya Award for his outstanding coaching prowess. In 2014, the nation recognized his contributions by awarding him the Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian honor.

Beyond the world of badminton, Dr. Gopichand’s life is enriched by diverse interests and hobbies. In 2002, he embarked on a beautiful journey of life with fellow badminton player P. V. V. Lakshmi. The couple is blessed with two children—a daughter Gayathri and a son Vishnu.

Dr. Pullela Gopichand’s story is an inspiration to all, and his contributions to the sport of badminton and to India as a whole are immeasurable.

Sir we welcome you to our midst!

As we gather here today to mark the glorious occasion of our Annual Sports Day, I
am honoured to reflect upon the remarkable journey our school has undertaken.

Over the past century, our school has made significant strides in this endeavor. Today, our school’s name resonates widely and is esteemed as one of the finest educational institutions. As soccer legend Mia Hamm once wisely stated, and I quote, “Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.” Unquote. On this auspicious occasion, I extend my heartfelt praise and congratulations to our sports teams and their dedicated coaches. Their relentless effort on the field is unmistakable, continually raising the standard for our overall performance and our students’ endurance.

Our school teams have brought honor and distinction to us in the All India IPSC / CISCE – AP & Telangana Regional and National Sports meet for the year 2023-24.

A total of 435 students from various disciplines and categories enthusiastically participated in the CISCE Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Regional Sports Meet. This event saw the participation of 54 teams in diverse games categories, showcasing the fervour for sports among the students. Of these talented athletes, 106 students were selected to represent HPS at the CISCE Nationals.

Moreover, a couple of our students achieved the remarkable feat of being selected for the SGFI Nationals, marking a significant achievement in their sporting journey. These achievements reflect the commitment and hard work of our students, who have traveled across 10 different states of our country to compete in sports tournaments, showcasing their prowess and sportsmanship at a national level.

Today, we gather here to commemorate the numerous successes and triumphs achieved by the students of The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, in the previous year. These are indeed moments that deserve to be treasured and celebrated.


In athletics, our school’s U/14, U/17, and U/19 boys and girls have displayed remarkable talent and determination, securing 4 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 19 bronze medals in various competitions.

Our exceptional young athletes – Sreshta Reddy and Olivia Charan, shone brightly in the U/14 girls’ category, while P Sanjay, Rutvik P, and Sai Dhairamani stood out in the U/17 boys’ category.

Equally impressive were Lipika Pallem and Parnika from the U/17 girls’ category, along with Rashmika V and Pranathi Reddy in the U/19 girls’ category.

Their outstanding performances have earned them a well-deserved spot on the roster for the CISCE Nationals.


At the CISCE AP & Telangana Regional Tournament, the U/14 and U/17 girls’ teams secured both the winner and runner-up positions simultaneously.

Duaa Ahmed, Olivia Charan, and P Lakshya from the U/14 girls’ team, as well as Parnika, S S Samitha Reddy, and Hasitha Reddy M from the U/17 girls’ team, were selected to represent the school at the CISCE Nationals and secured a 3rd place.

In the boys’ U/14 category, our school earned the runner-up position, with Manvith, Shriyan, and Sai Manikanta from the U/14 boys’ team, along with Sai Dhairyha Mani from the U/17 boys’ team, making it to the CISCE Nationals.
Additionally, in the School Games Federation of Hyderabad Basketball Tournament, our school teams achieved victory in the U/14 boys and girls categories, further solidifying our reputation as a hub of emerging talent in the sporting arena.


In the badminton U/14 open singles category, Master Charan and Master Shashank secured the first and third places, respectively and have also been selected to represent our school at the upcoming CISCE Nationals.


Srishti Sardar, Duaa Ahamed Sherief, and Chaitanyasri Kokul, representing the U/14 and U/19 girls categories, have earned selection to participate in the CISCE Chess Nationals.


In the field of cricket, both our girls’ teams in the U/17 and U/19 categories secured the prestigious second runner-up position.

Notably, in the U/17 girls’ category, Rashmika Velugubanti, Samhita Reddy SS, Siya, and Tridula displayed outstanding performances, earning them the privilege of representing our school at the CISCE Nationals.

I wish to proudly announce that Tridula has been selected to represent the combined CISCE All India team to participate in the SGFI National games.

On the boys’ cricket front, the U/14 boys’ team emerged as winners, a demonstration of the dedication and skills of Kavin, Nikhil.M, Shourya, and Aadithya. In the U/17 boys’ category, Kavya Zain stood out with a spectacular performance.

The U/19 boys’ team secured the second runner-up position through the exceptional contributions of Sahil Sisodia, Smaran.K, and Mirza Majaaz Baig and this has led to them being selected for the prestigious CISCE Nationals.

We take pride in sharing that 2 boys in the U/14, 2 boys in U/17 and 5 girls in the U/17 category have been selected to participate in the SGFI Inter District Cricket Tournament.

Shristi and Sanvi, who were part of our school’s U/17 girls cricket team, showcased their talent in the AP and Telangana region CISCE cricket competition, securing a commendable 3rd place. Following this, they earned a well-deserved spot on the prestigious CISCE Nationals team and went on to clinch the gold medal. Notably, Shristi emerged as the standout performer with an impressive strike rate of 400. Her remarkable performance led to her selection for the SGFI Nationals.


Our school participated in the U/14, U/17, and U/19 boys’ football competitions, achieving noteworthy results in each category. In the U/14 boys’ division, our team secured the top position and was selected to participate in the prestigious CISCE National Subroto Cup Selection Tournament.

In the U/17 category, our boys secured a commendable fourth place, and in the U/19 boys’ category, they earned the runner-up position. The individuals who stood out and have been selected to represent our school at the CISCE Nationals include Nirgun, Prtham, Advait P, Sufiyan, and Vasanth from U/14; Abdul Aziz and Ritvik Poovadan from U/17; and Emmanuel P, Mirza Mazaz Baig, Parthiv, and Siddharth from U/19.


In the realm of hockey, our U/14 & U/17 boys emerged winners and in the U/19 category secured the runner-up position.

As a result of their exceptional performance, B. Sairam, Adithya, Sai Chand, Keshava, Anudeep, Sathvik, and Khyathi from the U/14 category; P. Mukkanti, Manikanta Bhukya, Sanjay Gaisani, Anvith Reddy, Thrigun Byreeka, and Vinay Kumar J Shiva Mani from the U/17 category; and Sanjay Puthala, Shlok Vardhan K, Sai Karan Jillala, and Azzaan Altaf Fareed from the U/19 category have earned the opportunity to represent our school at the CISCE Nationals.

P. Mukkanti & B. Sairam have been selected to represent the combined CISCE All India team to participate in the SGFI National games.


In the domain of U/19 lawn tennis, three of our students – Siddharth Kotturu, Amaan Ali Khan, and Rashmika Velugubanti, have earned the distinction of representing our school at the prestigious CISCE Nationals.


In the shooting world, our school’s talents shone brightly in the CISCE AP & Telangana Regional Meet, and we walked away with 17 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 4 bronze medals.

14 of our sharpshooters – Karthykeya V, Advika Reddy S, Kaavya Sree L, Ahana Das, Eeshithva Telu, Aarohi Borra, Sofia Maniar, Ayon Cnowdary, Rivyansika Singh, Aarav Jain, Karthikeyan Reddy Mallu, E Nithesh Krishna, Siri Meenakshi Yedla, and Prappti Lingareddy were selected to represent our region in the upcoming CISCE Nationals.

In the SGF Hyderabad Shooting competition, the U/14 and U/17 boys and girls won 7 gold, 5 silver, and 3 bronze medals.

At the 9th Telangana State Shooting Competition, their excellence continued to dominate the circuit as they brought home 4 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals.

Neil Jain secured a silver medal in the Sub Youth category and two Bronze medals in the Youth and Junior Men categories at the Telangana State Shooting championship. At the KSS National Shooting Championship, he achieved an
impressive All-India rank of 19 in the Sub Youth category.

He also won a Gold medal at the SGFI District Level Games and the Guns for Glory, Hyderabad Shooting Championship, in the Under 17 Boys category.
Additionally, he secured a place in the Telangana Junior and Youth Mixed Team for Nationals.


Our school’s swimming team has left an indelible mark by bagging 21 gold, 7 silver, and 12 bronze medals in the U/14, U/17, and U/19 boys and girls categories.

Among the standout athletes, Bishkha Das in the U/14 girls category, and Aadya Agarwal, Noopur P, Lipika Pallem, and T.S. Tejas Kumar, as well as K. Dheeraj Kumar from the U/14 boys category, and Aatulya N, Vikram Aditya, and Karan Chibba from the U/19 boys category, have been selected to represent our school at the CISCE Nationals.

Notably, in the CISCE Swimming Nationals, Master T.S. Tejas Kumar showcased extraordinary talent by securing 3 gold medals and was crowned the overall champion. His exceptional achievements have also earned him the privilege of representing the school at the combined CISCE All India team to participate in the SGFI National games.


In the arena of table tennis, our U/14 boys secured the second runner-up position, while the U/17 & U/19 boys clinched second place in the team championship.

Additionally, in the U/19 girls’ open singles, Ditya Agarwal secured the second runner-up position.

Furthermore, four exceptional students – Ditya Agarwal, Karan Chhibba, Shiv Potlury, and Atharva Varma, have been chosen to represent our school at the CISCE Nationals.


Meenakshi T of class 11 has been selected to represent the combined CISCE All India throwball team to participate in the SGFI Nationals.


Our school’s girls’ under-17 volleyball team secured the honorable second runner-up position in the regional meet.

Two of our players, Charisma K and Sindu Ambati, were selected to represent the school at the CISCE Nationals. These two young athletes continued to excel on the national stage, earning the title of second runner-up in the Nationals.

Charisma K’s exceptional performance earned her a coveted spot in the SGFI Nationals, where she will have the opportunity to compete at an even higher level.


In the field of yoga, our students clinched 3 gold, 2 silver, and a bronze medal in the CISCE AP & Telangana Regional Meet. The exceptional performances of Shlok Vardhan, Saatvik, Charan, Lakshmi, Eshitva, Ashritha, Dilisha, and Devansh earned them well-deserved spots to represent our region at the CISCE Nationals.

In the CISCE Yoga Olympiad – Greeshma Saavi from class 9 and Manvith from class 7 were selected to represent Telangana at the pre-national Yoga Olympiad held in Kolkata on May 22, 2023.


Our school proudly showcased its sporting prowess in various disciplines at the All-India IPSC tournaments.

At the All-India IPSC Badminton tournament held at the Sagar School, Alwar, Rajasthan, our school U/14 boys Badminton team emerged winner for the second consecutive year.

The U/14 girls’ basketball team displayed their skills at the tournament held at Yadavendra Public School, Mohali, while our school’s shooting girls’ team participated in the shooting competition hosted at Daly College, Indoor, MP.

Additionally, in the yoga competition held at Sandur Residential school, Bellary, Devansh Nahar of class 7F secured 3rd position in Rhythmic Yoga.

Our U/14 boys’ badminton team is gearing up to represent our school at the Badminton tournament to be held at Sagar School, Rajasthan.

In the IPSC Shooting competition, Neil earned a gold medal in the U/17 boys
category and a bronze medal as part of the U/17 boys team category.

In addition to our students’ participation in external events, our school has also been a gracious host. We successfully organized the CISCE AP and Telangana regional tournaments in lawn tennis, swimming, hockey, cricket, and basketball.


  • Arshad Shrivastava, of 8 I, secured a Bronze Medal at the WKU World Karate Championship in Calgary, Canada.
  • Ruhaan Varma, a student in class 5E, emerged as a cricket sensation, amassing a series of accolades in the 100 cricket matches he played throughout the year. His talents as an all-rounder shone brightly as he not only scored 243 runs in four innings with two centuries in the T-30 Interclub Cricket Tournament but also maintained an impressive batting average of 81.
  • Moreover, Ruhaan was named the batsman of the match on three occasions during the Telangana Hyderabad Cricket Association Cricket tournament. He was documented as the player of the tournament in 11 Interclub Competitions.
  • Sidhharth C, a student in class 2D, exhibited his chess prowess by clinching the first place in the Telangana Gurukulam All India FIDE rating chess championship in the under 7 category. His impressive victory marks the beginning of a promising journey towards chess mastery.
  • Ananya Reddy, hailing from class 1G, stood out in the field of gymnastics, securing a gold medal in the floor events category at a tournament organized by the Kalpatharu Institute in Hyderabad. Her dedication and skill were truly commendable.
  • Avita Bharadwaj made the school proud by clinching a gold medal at the Telangana State Wushu Championship. She further showcased her competitive spirit by winning a bronze medal in the highly competitive Khelo India State women’s championship.
  • Ayaan Narayan, a student of class 4E, demonstrated his mettle in the Telangana State squash competition, securing a well-deserved bronze medal. His achievement is particularly noteworthy, given the sport’s demands on endurance and skill.
  • Saiansh of 6 I, clinched 1st place in the boys Under 14 singles title in the Twin Cities Tennis Tournament.
  • Rudrapratap, of 6 I, has won the Gold Medal in both the Under 14 National and International Karate Tournaments.
  • Adding to this illustrious list of achievements is Shaan, of 8 I, who has made waves in the district-level swimming competition and earned both a Gold and a Bronze medal.
  • Aarav Charan of class 6, won the AITA National series in the U/12 tournament held at Sania Mirza Academy.
  • Sia Malu bagged a gold in the U/15 International Martial Arts championship held in Telangana.

Jareer Ahmed Khan stood 2nd in the District U/13 boys and girls Chess Championship getting 4 wins out of the 5 rounds.