“Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty.” ― Deepak Chopra

Mathematics is seen as a language in its own right, a way to communicate in symbols and diagrams.

One of the few bigger departments of the school consisting of dedicated, committed, enthusiastic, dynamic, composed, balanced and responsible teachers who have their own strategies and challenges. Developing mathematical attitude and aptitude among the students and removing the fear of the subject are our concern which is being done and will continue to be done in more than one ways.


To ensure effective teaching and assessment process with in the math department and to evaluate the quality of teaching and learning goes on without saying. Ensuring continued innovation in the teaching of mathematics, providing opportunities for enrichment for gifted students, following a strategic approach to bring the low performers to minimum achievable levels becomes a part in the growth of the department. Teachers are equally involved in this. Every relevant issue is being discussed and suggestive measures be taken in the department meetings which are being conducted on a regular basis. Establishing and Developing the newly sanctioned MATH LAB is an excited interest among the teachers of the department. Teachers are keeping up with the new trends and techniques of teaching mathematics to a larger extent. Apart from all this there is a lot of impressive and useful work related to students’ learning goes wherever necessary.

Preparing and encouraging more participation of students in Olympiads and other competitive exams is another point of focus which is being emphasized. Mathematics exhibition is an interesting and thought triggering program which is organized and conducted by the teachers of the dept involving maximum number of students. Theoretical projects on various topics of mathematics is a part of curriculum which is done every year by students of classes 9&10 under the guidance of respective teachers.

Finally the department is open for any suggestions for further improvement and effective functioning to meet with the expectations.


Mrs. K Latha Madhuri
PGT – Mathematics
Head of Department

Educational Qualifications: M.Sc.,Ed, Math, B.Ed
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 10,11 & 12

Mr. MVA Chandrasekhar
Head Master Middle School

Educational Qualifications: MSc, B.Ed, LLB
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 11 & 12

Mr. O Rama Mohan
Sr TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: B.Sc, B.Ed
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 7-8

Mrs. T.Vijayalakshmi
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: B.Sc, B.Ed
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6-10

Mrs. R Malathi
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: B.Sc, B.Ed, PGDCA, (M.Sc)
Teaching Responsibilities:: Classes 6 – 10

Mrs. K Sujatha
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: B.A, B.Ed
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6 – 8

Mr. Abdul Rahim
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: M.Sc, B.Ed, PGDCA
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6-10

Mr. Ramakrishna V
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: M. Sc., B.ED
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6 – 10

Mrs. Rajeshwari
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: B.Sc, B.Ed
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6 – 10

Mr. Syed Gulam Mujtaba
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: M.Sc., B.Ed.
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6-10

TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: B.E(Mechanical), B.Ed
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6-10

Ms. Swarna Latha Kannepalli
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications:    M.Sc( Mathematics), D.ei.ed
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6-8

Ms. Mandapati Chandrakala
TGT – Mathematics

Educational Qualifications: B.Tech, B.Ed, IGCSE & IBDP trained
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 6-9

Mrs Latha Shankar

Educational Qualifications: MSc, B.Ed, Dip. in Sch Management, MBA-Ed Management
Teaching Responsibilities: Classes 11 and 12