What can be said about the food at HPS which hasn’t been said before?

It is a true testament to our committed chefs, kitchen and staff that former students flock back to the school on any given day just to have lunch and some snacks.

Breakfast at HPS is served at 7.30 AM to Boarders, Sub-staff and students who come early for sports training.

At 9.30 AM, a heavy brunch is served to the pre-primary children and staff. The menu includes healthy food like upma, tomato rice, puri, chicken curry, poha, boiled eggs, milk and bananas.

Lunch is served over three sessions – at 11.30 AM for the primary school and at 12.40 PM for the middle and senior schools, and the final session at 1.45 PM for the admin staff.

Nutrition Gallery

Nutrition Gallery