Round Square

Round Square

Grade 1 HPS Student displaying his healthy breakfast with Students of Godspell College,Argentina

Students of Godspell College sharing their breakfast items with HPS students

Kids sharing culinary skills with guests

Zoom Call ‘Let Food be Thy Medicine’ in progress

Student speakers sharing the importance of liquid intake by the human body

students of Bangladesh sharing their favourite food items with the audience

National & International schools at a zoom call with nutritionist Dr. Nida at HPS platform

Opening ceremony of ‘International Literacy Day-‘Discover your Ikigai’ at HPS

Guest Speaker Ms. Bulbul Chaudhary Dean Admissions from ISDI sharing her definition of Happiness

Students sharing and learning the difference in Needs and Wants of a Human being

Students listening to Dr. Khushboo Singhal from Mumbai on Wellness and Happiness

Mr. Prikshit Dhanda, CSO from Mindler mentoring students on the inter-connection of happiness and decisions in life

Mr. Michael Dishnow-a US Educator sharing secrets of a Happy Life with the students of HPS and participant schools