Round Square

The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet

Global Membership of Round Square

What is a Round Square?

Round Square is a global network focused on character education and experiential learning, with over 200 schools in 50 countries. The network promotes six IDEALS: International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership, and Service. The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, became a member in March 2019, under the leadership of Principal Dr. Skand Bali and Round Square Rep. Membership underscores the school’s dedication to nurturing empathetic future leaders attuned to global diversity and responsibility. For more information on Round Square and its global network of schools, visit the main Round Square website at

HPS’s contributions and participation include:

  1. Engaging in Round Square conferences at national and international levels, fostering global student and educator dialogue.
  2. Hosting and participating in cultural exchanges to enrich school diversity.
  3. Participating in international service projects in countries like the UK, Kenya, Tanzania, Thailand, and Ecuador to support global communities.
  4. Facilitating academic collaborations focusing on global issues, preparing students for leadership in global challenges.
  5. Encouraging student involvement in service projects to promote global citizenship and teamwork.

For more information on Round Square and its global network of schools, you can visit the main Round Square website at This site provides detailed insights into the organization’s ideals, member schools, events, and various programs aimed at fostering global competence, character, and confidence in students.

Prestigious Annual Round Square International Conference , 2022 at Oxford, in Action

Service of Litter Picking at a Community Park during RSIC, 2022

RSIC, 2022 Delegation enjoying the ice-cream break at Oxford, UK

HPS Delegation at Oxford University to attend RSIC, 2022

Mahabharata by RKKGPS

HPS Kindness Day

Mr. Prikshit Dhanda, CSO from Mindler mentoring students on the inter-connection of happiness and decisions in life

Mr. Michael Dishnow-a US Educator sharing secrets of a Happy Life with the students of HPS and participant schools

Opening Ceremony at Bomas Auditorium

Delegates posing with the tribal performers at Brookhouse Karen

Zaiba Alladin Capturing the moment- homestay experience

Among the colourful artistry and crafts of Maasai Mara

Service Day- Class-room walls Being Painted by students

Face to face with history in Maasai Mara

Embracing the wild,one hoofbeat at a time

A perfect end to a dreamy hot air balloon adventure

After sipping coffee in style on the road to Maasai Mara

Capturing the heart of Kenya, where hemispheres meet

 Giving knowledge of combo-offers to buy knick knacks

From wardrobes to hearts-student led initiative to supporting sub-staff

Displaying 1500 pieces of clothes for exhibition open to sub-staff

Joy of Giving shines through our clothes donation initiative

Brainstorming for problem solving through puzzles

Creativity and collaboration results in unique outcomes

A delegation click for a lifetime memory at SBA

First hand experience of the local handicrafts- Varanasi 

 Exploring historical places for learning with fun

 HPS student delegates at round table for Round Square Conference

Conference photograph with all school participants at Sunbeam

 A glance at participating schools-posing with the conf.banner

 Closing Ceremony vibes with the music and dance

Students listening to Dr. Khushboo Singhal from Mumbai on Wellness and Happiness

Zoom Call ‘Let Food be Thy Medicine’ in progress

Student speakers sharing the importance of liquid intake by the human body

students of Bangladesh sharing their favourite food items with the audience

National & International schools at a zoom call with nutritionist Dr. Nida at HPS platform