Department of Career Counselling

“The right career is at the intersection where your talents meet the world’s needs.”

The Career Counseling Department at The Hyderabad Public School is committed to providing students with comprehensive guidance and support to shape their future successfully. Here’s a meaningful arrangement of the services we offer, in order of importance to our students:

“The most valuable career advice: Be curious, be resilient, and be true to yourself.”

  • Online and Offline Career Awareness Sessions (Grades 8 to 12): Our age-appropriate career awareness sessions introduce students to various career options. We ensure they understand what lies ahead, starting early.
  • Subject Selection Guidance: Choosing the right subjects is crucial for students. Our guidance on subject selection empowers students to make informed choices that align with their future career goals.
  • One-to-One Career Guidance Sessions: Our personalized career guidance sessions, conducted by experts, provide students with individual attention, allowing us to address their unique aspirations and concerns.
  • Psychometric Assessments: We understand that each student is unique. Psychometric assessments evaluate their interests, aptitude, personality, IQ, and emotional intelligence. This holistic understanding determines the ideal career path.
  • University Fairs – Indian and Global: Students from classes IX to XII have the invaluable opportunity to interact with college admission officers from institutions worldwide. This exposure enables them to explore exciting possibilities and understand higher education prospects.
  • Mindler Assistance: Our partnership with Mindler, a renowned career guidance platform, ensures students receive professional support in making their career decisions. Mindler’s expertise complements our efforts, ensuring students receive well-rounded guidance.
  • Workshops, Webinars, Competitions, and University Visits: We regularly organize workshops, webinars, and university visits conducted by university professors. These hands-on experiences provide students with valuable insights into various careers and keep them informed about the latest developments in their chosen fields.
  • Career Counselor Professional Development: Our career counselors remain at the forefront of career guidance by participating in national and international conferences and university tours. Continuous learning enables them to provide up-to-date and relevant information to our students.
  • Alumni Engagement: Our accomplished alumni actively mentor current students, sharing their experiences and insights, which serve as inspiration and guidance.
  • Support for Parents: Parents play a pivotal role in their children’s career decisions. Our school supports parents, equipping them with the necessary information to help their children make well-informed decisions.
  • IC3 Institute Accreditation Award: We are proud to be accredited by the IC3 Institute, highlighting our commitment to providing quality career guidance to our students.
  • International University Scholarship Support: Our dedicated support for students seeking scholarships at international universities ensures that financial constraints do not hinder their educational aspirations.
  • Bonding Day for Grade 11 and 12: Our Bonding Day provides students with an opportunity to engage with career guidance experts, bridging the gap between their aspirations and their future.
  • University Placements: Our guidance extends to placements in universities across India, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, and UAE, ensuring students have a wide array of choices for higher studies.
  • Guidance on College Essays and Recommendations: Writing effective college essays and obtaining teacher recommendations are vital to the college application process. Our support in this area ensures that students meet the desired criteria, boosting their chances of acceptance.
  • SAT Center- The selection of The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, as an SAT center (Test Center Number: 63145) with a designated CEEB code (671149) significantly supports the students of the city. This strategic designation serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to providing ample opportunities for academic and personal growth to its students and the wider community.

“In a fulfilling career, don’t just follow trends; create your own.”

The Hyderabad Public School’s Career Counseling Department provides students with a comprehensive range of services, ensuring they are well-prepared for their educational and career journeys. We are committed to empowering our students to make informed decisions and realize their dreams.


Priyanka Reddy
Career Counsellor

Educational Qualifications: B.Sc (Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science), Global Career Counselor Certification from UCLA Extension – USA, Diploma in Global Career Counseling, IE University – Spain

Mrs. Reena Singh
Career Counsellor

Educational Qualifications: MA(Eng), M.Ed, Certified Global Career Counselor by Univariety & UCLA (Extension)