An Innovation in Menstrual Hygiene!

On Monday,5th August, 2019 girls students of classes 6,7 & 8 attended an awareness session conducted by Ms. Anju Bist, the Co-Creator of the award winning Saukhyam Reusable Pads. These pads are made up of banana fibres and cotton cloth.

In the session, the effort was to equip the girl students with knowledge to make the choice for the menstrual product and   how the reusable menstrual pads are better for the environment & for one’s health. Youngsters today are very willing to make choices that lower their environmental footprint.

An average woman will discard 10,000-15.000 pads during her menstruating lifetime. Disposable sanitary pads are made by cutting down trees – this fact is largely unknown to most people. These pads continue to pollute the planet for hundreds of years. Many gynecologists are also speaking up now about the harmful effects of use of disposable pads which are often laden with many chemicals.