Animals and their young ones

The children of PP2 celebrated “My mommy and me” for a week starting from the 11th of January, 2021. The entire week was about the animals and their young ones. Children always get attracted to animals. They were very fascinated to know how animals also have parental instincts and take care of their young ones.
The whole week the children learned about animals and their young ones through presentations, stories, rhymes, and many activities. Children participated in a craft activity, where they made a frog and a tadpole, a Monkey and an infant, a swan and a cygnet to name a few. Apart from the common names of young ones such as a calf, cub, piglet, and duckling some uncommon names were introduced to enrich their knowledge about animal young ones such as cygnet, snakelet, owlet, etc. On the last day, the children participated in a quiz where they were able to answer most of the questions.


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