ASISC Regional Debate and Art Competitions

A Report on HPSB Students’ Outstanding Performance in ASISC Regional Competitions-
Introduction: The recent ASISC regional competitions held on August 29, 2023, witnessed remarkable achievements by the students of HPSB School. In both the Debate and Art categories, the school’s students showcased their exceptional skills and talents, garnering significant recognition.
Debate Category: In the Debate category, the HPSB School students participated with great enthusiasm and demonstrated their prowess in eloquence and critical thinking. The competition was divided into two age groups: the Junior Category for Grades IX and X, and the Senior Category for Grades XI and XII. The competition spanned across ICSE and ISC schools in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Junior Category: In the Junior Category, which encompassed Grades IX and X, the HPSB School team competed with fervour. The topic of the debate was “Are robot teachers preferable to human teachers?” The young participants, Aryaveer Gupta and Aryaman Aisola from class 9, represented the school with eloquence and well-structured arguments. Their articulate presentation earned them not only the win for their category but also Aryaveer Gupta was honoured with the title of ‘Best Speaker.’
Senior Category: The senior team from HPSB School comprised Amaan Ali Khan from class 12B and Abdulla Ansari from class 11C. The topic they tackled was ‘Does globalization affect the national spirit?’ Their comprehensive and insightful arguments earned them victory in the Senior Category. Amaan Ali Khan’s exceptional speaking abilities were acknowledged as he was awarded the title of ‘Best Speaker.’
ASISC Regional Art Contest: In addition to the triumph in the Debate category, HPSB School’s students also shone in the ASISC Regional Art Contest. Yana Trivedi, a student from class 12B, demonstrated remarkable artistic talent and secured the second position in the competition. This achievement not only highlights Yana’s individual artistic capabilities but also reflects the school’s commitment to nurturing a diverse range of talents among its students.
The results of the ASISC regional competitions held on August 29, 2023, underscore the academic and artistic excellence of HPSB School’s students. The school’s triumph in the Debate category, with wins in both Junior and Senior Categories, and its commendable performance in the Art Contest, exemplify the dedication, skills, and well-rounded education provided by HPSB School. These achievements not only bring pride to the school but also serve as an inspiration to other students, motivating them to excel in various fields of competition and creativity.