Cambridge International organised its first South Asia Conclave over two days – 15 th  & 16 th  February, 2024 – at Novotel Dona Silviya, Goa. This first-of-its-kind conclave saw over three hundred participants from across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal.
Mr. Arun Rajamani, Managing Director, South Asia, addressed the gathering and set the contextual tone in the inaugural session. He emphasized the significance of the conclave and how the feedback was going to enable them organise such events in the future. Such conclaves should be viewed as platforms which would not only aid exchange of best practices but also act as think- tanks for the region. He spoke on students with globally ambitions and the vision of Cambridge to align itself with them.
The next session on day 1, was addressed virtually by Mr. Rod Smith, Group Managing Director, International Education. As a global thought leader, he defined the future of high quality international education. He explained how Cambridge saw itself as being the global change maker. He also informed the gathering that Cambridge was introducing a bridge course for JEE aspirants to cover the portions of curriculum that had not been included thus far. He introduced the group to the Cambridge Climate Quest.
The final session on Day 1 saw Ms. Jane Mann, Managing Director, ‘Partnership for Education’ address the gathering on shaping the future of education. She spoke on advancing education and the innovation and research in teaching-learning and assessment.
Day 1 ended with a prize distribution ceremony, networking followed by a cultural evening. Day 2 of the conclave was yet another cerebral experience packed with interesting and innovative takeaways. The first session was conducted by Mr. Ben Schmidt, director International Network.
He spoke at length on how Cambridge was empowering schools to success. He explained how Cambridge measures success quantitatively and gave the example of the Indian consumer market to explain the same. He spoke on how they intend to expand access to high quality education through their global network.
The next session on ‘Elevating Education for High Quality Teaching- Learning Outcomes’ was jointly addressed by Ms. Claire Varlet-Baker, Product and Services Director, International Education, Ms. Juliet Wilson, Assessment and Customer Support Director, International Education and Mr. Ashish Arora, Sr. Vice President, South Asia. They spoke on high quality teaching- learning and assessment solutions that improve student outcome. They also addressed concerns

regarding modernising exam processes and systems to deliver excellence. They also spoke about diversity, accessibility and sustainability in education.
The third session of the day was about elevating the brand. This was jointly addressed by Ms. Elizabeth Carte, Director Global Marketing and Ms. Shruti Kapoor, Vice President- Marketing, South Asia. They spoke on how the brand was planning to strengthen support, collaborate for advocacy and measure impact.
This was followed by few schools across the region sharing their best practices. The final event of the conclave was a ‘Fireside chat’ conducted by Mr. Arun Rajamani, Managing Director, South Asia, where he addressed the integrated approach to education that Cambridge advocates and the schools take forward.
The entire conclave addressed the multifarious aspects of education under Cambridge and Cambridge as a brand. The new Cambridge International which has incorporated its two major arms CAIE and CUP seemed very clear as to where they want to see Cambridge International in the coming decades and this was a platform to align their schools with the same vision.