Celebrating a Century of Culture and Unity Folk Dance Competition 2023-24

In a breath taking display of unity and cultural diversity, our esteemed institution witnessed an extraordinary fusion of folk dances at the Inter House Folk Dance competition, marking a significant milestone in our school’s history – the centenary celebration of education. Hosted in 2023-24, the event showcased an array of folk dances, bringing together students from various backgrounds to celebrate the richness of our nation’s heritage.

The mesmerizing performances featured a lively Garba from Gujarat, a spirited Pawara dance from Maharashtra, an iconic Bhangra, and an Oppana dance form from Kerala, showcasing the elegance and poise of these traditional dances.

This delightful amalgamation of folk dances was met with resounding applause and earned accolades from our esteemed judges, Dr. Yashoda Thakore and Ms. Soundarya Kaushik. Their appreciation validated the dedication and talent displayed by our students on this grand platform.

Our Middle and Senior School Dance teacher, Ms. Subbulakshmi, was at the helm of this awe-inspiring dance extravaganza. Her innovative addition of the ‘Centenary Hook step’ injected a fresh and creative dimension into the event, garnering praise and admiration from the Principal and Vice Principal. This remarkable new element resonated with the students and added a unique flavour to the overall performance.

The event perfectly embodied our school’s commitment to fostering a sense of unity and cultural appreciation among our students. It symbolized the diverse traditions that enrich our nation, bringing together students in a celebration that will be remembered for years to come.