Celebration Of India Event

“ The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action”

Right education allows a child to flourish and prosper. When provided with the right platform children work towards becoming responsible citizens.

India is a highly spiritual country and a land of varied festivals with each festival pertaining to unique occasions which represent the Indian culture. Welcoming the different seasons of the year, celebrating religious occasions such as anniversaries of great personalities and saints and the advent of the New Year.

The festivals of India both National and Religious were celebrated by the children of Class 1 in the virtual classrooms on January 28 and 29,2021. The children dressed up in festive attire and expressed their views about particular festivals. Children displayed colourful rangolis, kites, Christmas trees, gifts and a variety of dishes. The celebration brought them closer to each other’s traditions and cultural beliefs.

The children were enlightened with the rich heritage of India and gained insight about the importance of various festivals. The parents’ immense effort enabled the children to learn about festivals amidst cheer and wisdom.