childrens’ Day celebration 2022-23

“The Earth reveals its innocence through the smiles of children.”

The Primary School celebrated Children’s Day on 14th November 2022.
The teachers put up a spectacular show for the children and made this event memorable for the eaglets. A humorous dance drama called “Dhamaka in Grade 1” by teachers of class 1 unravelled the show, making children in the audience laugh out loud. The teachers of Class 2 performed a ‘Zumba’ dance to the tunes of the children’s favourite songs, followed by the teachers of class 3 with a medley dance. The students were excited watching the teachers of class 4 perform a dance play called “Anything is Possible.” Some teachers also presented quick sketches of advertisements.
The Principal, Vice-Principal, Middle School Headmaster, and Primary Headmistress graced the event. In his address to the children, the Principal appreciated the efforts of the teachers and said that it was a great and rejuvenating experience. All the students were full of admiration and adoration for teachers.