Class 1- Grandparents day 2020

“Grandparents are the delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.”

It is through them that we learn about our culture, heritage and traditions. They are handed over to the next generation. It is the experiences and beliefs of our grandparents and senior members in society that strongly affect our lives.

On 30th September 2020, Class 1 celebrated Grandparents Day. It was delightful to see grandparents and the children dressed up in the colour coordinated attire. Children spoke a few lines about their grandparents. There was an active involvement and cheer from the grandparents and children while doing the activities together. The grandparents had a lot of fun and a few of them were very enthusiastic, they sang and danced. This event brought out the little child in them.

It was a very grand and successful event and was appreciated by the parents and grandparents. They showered heaps of blessings to the school and the staff.


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