Class II, Fancy Dress Day

Fairytales are a genre of children’s literature that features magical and mystical creatures from faraway lands.
Class 2 celebrated the Virtual Fancy Dress Day on 28th August, 2021 themed on Fairy Tales.
Fairytale Day was a wonderful way for the students to bring their favourite storybook characters to life and spend some time exploring the magic of books. For the children, parents, and teachers, this event could well be called a Fairy Tale Day.
Children dressed in bright clothes enacted and spoke a few sentences about the character they were portraying. They were elegant in their dressing and performed their part wholeheartedly.
The virtual classroom was filled with colour. There were numerous beautiful fairies, princesses, princes, and graceful ballerinas, as well as scary pirates and courageous superheroes.
This exercise helped children overcome stage fear, build confidence and exhibit their talent. The teachers were left enthralled with their endearing acts. The students and their parents displayed extraordinary creativity in bringing these characters to life.
We greatly appreciate the continuous support and painstaking effort of our parents in making the Virtual Fancy Dress competition a grand success.