Clay Modelling Intra Class Competition-Classs 1 & 2 ,2022-23

Clay Modelling helps children understand the three-dimensional aspect of an object. The activity nurtures creativity, boosts imagination, and imbibes self-confidence in children. It also enhances eye-hand coordination, planning, constructing and deconstructing techniques, colour recognition and encourages trial and error and play-based learning.
The INTRA CLASS Clay modeling competition for Classes 1 and 2 was conducted in June and July, 2022. The competition was a perfect platform for creative minds to meet their colourful desires and fantasy needs. Watching their petite fingers at work make colourful and artistic models of butterflies, ducks, tortoises, snails, octopus, snakes, etc. was a pleasure. The competition was time bound and judged by the Art teachers. The Clay modelling competition was indeed a continuum of creativity.