Cleanliness Week By Class 3

The CLEANLINESS WEEK was launched by the students and the teachers of Class 3 in the Primary Section of the school.Before the week took place, the children learnt about our environment and the need to keep it pollution free. They were encouraged to gather information about Cleanliness as that would help them in coming up with various slogans and captions regarding the topic. All the students managed to come up with innovative slogans and handouts all by themselves. It was an enriching programme for them as it tested their creativity and also helped in advancing their knowledge about cleanliness and its importance. The teachers used these pieces of art to design and decorate every single Display board in the corridors of the Primary school.
During the Week, the children were given badges that proclaimed Happiness to be an outcome of Cleanliness. They were armed with tricolour wristbands that tied up nicely with the Swachch Bharath Abhiyan. They were also given Duties in specific areas during the Breaks and Lunch time. Not only that, but the children also did community service and cleared all the stones in the area positively. The Learning Outcomes of this week was highly impressive and stimulating.The children learnt various values by the end of the Cleanliness Week. They learnt that self help is the best kind of help. They learnt to pick up after themselves and to value the work put in by the House Keeping staff day in and day out. They also learnt that a little effort ( put in by a hundred hands) goes a long way as one must never forget that even the slightest change makes a big difference.