COP 26 Global Meet at Glasgow

COP 26 is an important event where the world leaders assemble to discuss issues of countries affected by climate change and work towards protecting and restoring their ecosystems.
In November 2021, I had the privilege of representing the students of Asia at The Conference of Parties – 26th Meet (COP 26) held in Glasgow. As a student delegate at COP 26, I had the opportunity to present the Global Student Manifesto, compiled by the high school students from around the globe. This manifesto contains information regarding the most prominent climate-change-related issues that affect our planet and proposes various solutions to mitigate them.
During the week-long summit, I had the honour of interacting with the Prime Minister of Scotland alongside other distinguished world leaders. It was encouraging to listen to the CEOs of various companies speak about their policies, allowing them to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in the corporate sector.
The most memorable experience at COP 26 was my interview featuring live worldwide on Sky News. It was a perfect place to express my views on environment-related issues, raise awareness on a global scale and motivate other teenagers the world over to take up initiatives in their schools and neighbourhood to combat climate change before it’s too late.
It’s heartbreaking to see that our efforts and those who have tried before us remain unrecognised to a large extent. World leaders are still wary of implementing necessary policies and reforms to change the world. I earnestly hope to see the day when our dream of an environment-friendly lifestyle and economy becomes a reality.