Day 2 HPS Centenary Educators Conference

September 2, 2023

Day 2 of the leadership workshop covered a range of topics and featured several resource persons who provided valuable insights and takeaways for the delegates. Here’s a summary of the key points from each session:

Session 1: Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset (Mr. Suresh Srinivas)
The resource person, Mr. Suresh captivated the delegates with his relatable humorous anecdotes and empowered them with renewed confidence. His message was clear: self-actualization can be achieved by realizing that everyone has the potential. The delegates responded positively to this empowering message, and left the conference feeling inspired and motivated to reach their full potential. Mr. Suresh’s message served as a reminder that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Session 2: NEP 2020 and School Education (Dr. Chetan Singai)
Guidelines for school education were addressed by the speaker. The challenge of achieving excellence with equity in schools was emphasized, and the importance of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) was highlighted as it encourages students to make their own subject choices independently. The shift towards holistic development with analytical, critical, and creative thinking was also discussed. The speaker encouraged learning in an integrated manner, focusing on how to learn rather than completing the syllabus. These guidelines serve as a reminder that with the right approach to education, anyone can achieve their full potential.

Session 3: Drama and Theatre for Engaging Teaching-Learning Experience (Mr. Vinay Pandey)
Mr. Vinay Pandey emphasized the importance of engaging and educational teaching methods for achieving excellence with equity in schools. They highlighted the need for teachers to establish eye contact, modulate their voices, and keep students engaged and interested. The speaker encouraged teachers to be unpredictable, energetic, vibrant, and empathetic listeners, stressing the importance of structured lesson plans, moderate approaches, and inspiring creativity, curiosity, and imagination in students.

Whole Experience Takeaways for Session 3:
As the conference speaker emphasized, teachers play a crucial role in shaping better human beings by focusing on developing life skills. Rather than just teaching academic subjects, teachers should act as guides by the side, inspiring creativity and curiosity in students. The ultimate measure of success is not how well a child performs in school but how they fare in life. To assess their progress, the speaker suggested creating a “website report” that tracks the development of life skills. By following these guidelines, teachers can help students achieve their full potential and become successful in all aspects of life.

These sessions collectively aimed to transform the mindset of the delegates, improve the quality of school education, and enhance the teaching-learning experience through engaging and holistic approaches. The takeaways underscored the importance of nurturing growth mindsets, promoting equity in education, and fostering creativity and critical thinking in students.