Dino week

Dinosaurs walked on earth 65 million years ago but they fascinate all to this day. Dinosaurs always intrigued children and arose curiosity about them. The facts about them help children understand the earth’s timeline and appreciate the animals that existed then.
Children of PP1 and PP2 celebrated Dino week in the month of November. Dino week was spread across for a whole week loaded with fun activities as this is one topic that children never get exhausted talking about. Teachers made presentations with videos and pictures of popular dinosaurs that walked the Earth. As a part of art and craft activity, children were involved in making head gears, simple dinosaur drawing with letter d, dinosaur paper craft, etc. Children were given opportunities to ‘show and tell’ their favorite dinosaur toy they owned. On the last day, children had a quiz as a recap of the facts that they learnt for a week.