Effect & Workshop by AFS India

Effect + workshop is organized in close cooperation between AFS Brazil and AFS Intercultural Programs. Effect+ Global Citizenship Education Workshop for local impact is an event that gathers teenagers to reflect on the issues affecting the world and how they can work together to help advance the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

54 teenagers from classes 9, 10 and 12 participated in this workshop organised on 15 March 2019. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Sarita Badhwar, consultant, AFS India, and national qualifying trainer, who has conducted Effect + workshops for 1052 students in 27 schools since June 2018. Through interactive talks and collaborative hands-on activities, participants got the chance to explore their own role as global citizens and organize local events which empower them as community leaders with skills needed to effect positive change.

Mrs. Annapurna Chintaluri, an eminent educational consultant, who has facilitated projects for students by giving them an opportunity to participate in Climate Change related events like #Decarbonize:Decolonize for COP23 & COP24 – United Nations Climate Change Conference at Germany and Poland and IPCC  at Edmonton, Canada, was invited as a guest speaker so that she could talk about her work share a presentation with the participants in an interactive and engaging manner to inspire the teenagers.

The workshop was a great learning experience which definitely sensitised us about our surroundings and the role we play in the world. It gave us an insight of being a global citizen by “thinking global but acting local” and how we can be a change maker by starting with our very own neighbourhood, ‘ shares Isha Gandham, a participant from class 12.