Empowering Students with Fire Safety Preparedness

In an effort to enhance safety awareness and preparedness among our students, HPS organized a Fire Safety Mock Drill in collaboration with a dedicated team of firefighters and a fully-equipped fire engine. This exercise aimed to educate students on fire safety protocols and provide them with essential knowledge to respond to a fire incident in a composed and organized manner.
The primary objective of this mock drill was to familiarize our students with the fundamental principles of fire safety management, including evacuation procedures, proper usage of fire safety equipment, and communication strategies during an emergency.
Firefighters provided valuable insights into fire safety principles, explaining the causes and potential hazards associated with fires. They emphasized the importance of preventive measures and how students can actively contribute to maintaining a safe environment.
Students were trained on how to react swiftly and intelligently when a fire breaks out. This included understanding fire alarm signals, evacuation routes, and gathering assembly points for headcounts.
Students were familiarized with evacuation procedures specific to our school premises, ensuring an orderly and safe exit from the building in case of a fire emergency.
The Fire Safety Mock Drill served as an important step towards creating a culture of safety and preparedness among our students. Through such drills, we aim to equip our students with the skills and confidence needed to respond calmly, responsibly, and in an organized manner during unforeseen fire incidents.
We extend our gratitude to the dedicated team of firefighters who partnered with us for this event and contributed immensely to educating our students on fire safety.