Endangered Animals

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
~Mahatma Gandhi

For the kids of this era hopscotch, hide and seek have been replaced with video games. Thanks to their instinct they have a natural connect and curiosity towards the nature and its animals. ‘Endangered Animals’ is a perfect topic that needs to be introduced to kids at a tender age as it encompasses deforestation, pollution, global warming, etc to sow the seed to appreciate Mother Earth.
The children of pre-primary (PP1 and PP2) at HPS, Begumpet in the month of October were introduced to the topic ‘Endangered Animals’. Children were introduced to eight animals and places where they are endangered in the world. Then they learnt elaborately about one animal through stories, poems and activities about its physical features, habitat, food, young ones, etc. With the help of presentations, they learnt how human needs to make paper, furniture lead to deforestation, thus making animals homeless. Dumping the trash in water and littering beaches lead to water contamination and making it unsafe for the water animals. Finally, all these leading to how animals are in danger in land and water. Children with the help of activities and stories understood how small things like using trash bins, planting trees, taking care of animals can help build a better tomorrow. To give a closure to the topic they learnt that many countries have joined hands and formulated laws to protect endangered animals and made hunting illegal. They were informed about nature animal preserves where animals and their habitat are protected.
In a nutshell, children were taken on an adventure which established a close connect with mother nature that they will remember for a long time to come.


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