English and Math Fest: CENTOBUZZ!

Our event’s main objectives are to introduce students to the beauty of Standard English through enjoyable and engaging activities, fostering a genuine love for the English language and reading. English Fest is designed to promote a culture of quality reading among students, emphasizing the value of literature and its potential to enrich their lives.
We also recognize the significance of mathematics and its role in shaping young minds. Our aim is to nurture children’s mathematical thinking from an early age. Studies have shown that a child’s math knowledge upon entering kindergarten is a strong predictor of later academic achievement, even surpassing early reading or attention skills. Math is an integral part of a child’s everyday life, and our event seeks to enhance their mathematical skills in a fun and interactive way.
The Cento buzz was an exciting and vibrant experience, with a plethora of hands-on activities tailored to English and Math concepts. Children had the opportunity to explore these activities, which not only helped boost their memory but also honed their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Moreover, the activities encouraged multitasking abilities, preparing them for real-life challenges.
We believe in the power of multilingualism and its positive impact on creativity and mental flexibility. As children display proficiency in other languages, it becomes a testament to their enhanced creativity and adaptability.
Our dedicated teachers invested considerable effort in planning and executing these activities. Each activity was thoughtfully designed around English and Math concepts, such as letter-to-picture activities, phonic sound exercises, hopscotch games, creating sentences with pictures, practicing blends, opposites, addition, subtraction, place value, and backward counting. Importantly, we tailored every activity to suit the age group of the children, ensuring an enjoyable and age-appropriate learning experience.
To further encourage a passion for reading, each child received a gift of books. Our goal is to instill the habit of reading early on and demonstrate the importance of this lifelong skill.
The event was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on the children’s learning journey. We are proud of the enthusiastic participation from both students and teachers. It was indeed a fantastic show, fostering a positive and fruitful learning environment for all the children involved.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to making CENTOBUZZ a memorable and enriching experience for our young learners. Stay tuned for more exciting events in the future!