Environment Day 2018

The classes of PP2 hosted Environment Day on 1st August 2018.The event was open to all the classes of Pre-primary as well as the children of Primary school. Each class highlighted present day issues in regard to the environment with slogans like ‘Say No to Plastic’, ‘ Go Green’, ‘Save water’, ’Less pollution is the best solution’, ‘Protect Animals’ and ‘Do not Waste Food’.

The main focus of the event was on the harmful effects of pollution, mainly plastic pollution. Children were educated on how they could make a difference by doing their bit to protect the environment, like saving water, planting trees, not wasting food and to avoid using plastic. They were also exposed to the consequences that pollution has on animals as well as humans.

Students, teachers and parents were encouraged to give up using plastic in the school premises as well as at home.

The effect of the event was clearly visible when children switched from using plastic tiffin boxes and water bottles to eco-friendly steel tiffin boxes and bottles.

To further create an impressionable and meaningful impact children were given medicinal saplings as a take-away to enhance their ability to nurture and care for all living things.

In continuation of Environment day and keeping in mind the Telangana ‘Haritha Haram’ programme, 50 saplings were planted in the school premises by the children of PP2 along with the principal, the registrar and the HM (Primary school). Children were put in small groups and helped in planting the saplings as well as watering them.

All in all, the event was a huge success as it brought immense awareness about the need to plant and look after tress and also to reduce pollution.