Environment Day

There are many things we want our next-gen to learn from us. One definite Must-Do’s is saving Mother Earth. As we try to preserve the environment for our precious little ones, we should also teach them how to protect it.
The children of PP2 celebrated a three week-long “Environment Day” beginning from the 12th of July. Every week a topic was chosen to create awareness among children. The first week was about “Saving water and Saving trees”. Children were shown presentations on how they could save water in their little ways such as while brushing their teeth and washing hands. They were educated about the uses of trees and how to take care of them. Children planted seeds and created a hanging as a part of reinforcement activity. The consecutive week was ‘Swachh Bharat’ week, where the children learnt about keeping their surroundings clean. Awareness presentations were shown and also activities related to it were done in the virtual class. The last week ended with ‘Say no to plastic and Save animals’. The damage that plastic has already done to our Mother Earth and its effects on animals was discussed. By the end of the three weeks, children understood the basics of taking care of plants and animals, saving water and keeping the neighbourhood clean, which is a small step for the greater good.