Farewell Party for the Batch of 2023

The Hyderabad Public School hosted a grand farewell party for the students of the Class XII batch of 2022-23 on 15th April 2023. The Girls and Boys of the current batch 2023-24 organized the event in unison to bid a lively and joyful farewell to their seniors.
The festivities started with a welcome song by the juniors honoring the seniors. Thought-provoking speeches by class XI, recollecting the memories and the time spent with their seniors in the School and bidding farewell to them with a heavy heart but with a hope that they fair well in life, left everyone teary-eyed.
Next, it was time to assign the titles, perhaps the most exciting part of every farewell ceremony! Our Vice Principal, Mrs. Amrita Chandra Raju, distributed the titles, and the audience was amused by the funny tags.
Yet again, the audience welcomed the band, and the outstanding performance of class XI pepped up the mood. The delightful dances had the seniors tapping their feet to peppy songs from the 2000s.
There was a spate of dance, music, and laughter as the hosts tried to impress by showcasing their vast repository of skills.
It was time for the last round of entertainment for the parting seniors. This round was unique as it included playing out of a medley of photographs of the years gone by. Shrieks of excitement and clapping pierced the air!
Head Boy (Ankith Suhas Rao) and Head Girl (Rhea Elizabeth Abraham) thanked the juniors wholeheartedly. They also expressed their gratitude to their teachers for all the painstaking effort at shaping them into capable human beings now ready to take on the world outside.
The party concluded with a photo session followed by a widespread sumptuous lunch.
In nostalgia and reluctance but with hope and aspiration, the juniors bid farewell to their seniors and wished them luck for all they set out to do.
We look forward to seeing them back at School from time to time.