The Middle and Senior school teachers gathered at the baobab tree on 30th October, 2021 to bid farewell to one of the most multifaceted teacher from the Department of English – Ms. Pujita Krishna.
Ms. Pujita is a dancer and has had diverse careers in media, film, journalism, teaching & community service. She is also the founder member of Feet on Earth.
The audience was left mesmerised by Ms. Amitha Chakraborthy’s beautiful rendition of ‘Memories’. Ms. Kamalakshini , Ms. Subbulakshmi & Ms. Banasree fondly shared about their association with Pujita.
Our Principal, Ms. Amrita Chandra Raju greatly admired Pujita’s affectionate way of handling students and she being a free soul could not be bound by fixed timings and deadlines. Our Principal is looking forward to Ms. Pujita being a part of the centenary celebrations of the school in 2023.
Ms. Pujita warmly recalled her earlier short stint in the school and spoke about her unwavering association with her students. The programme concluded with a song by Ms. Amrita and Ms. Saguna Maheshwari. Ms. Sonali’s solo rendition turned into a duet as Ms. Pujita too joined her. This was followed by High Tea.