Farewell to Primary Teachers

“There’s no such thing as goodbyes and farewells when it comes to teachers… because their teachings forever stay in their student’s minds and hearts.”

A virtual farewell was organized for our stimulating and devout teaching fraternity of Primary School, Ms Padma Ajay, Mr Narsing Rao, Ms Jyothi Chopra, and Ms Jayashree Ganguly.

Ms Padma Ajay has spent 13 years imparting the right skills and knowledge to the students. With her extremely intriguing personality and English language proficiency, she inspired many students and encouraged innumerable children in public speaking. She also contributed her services for Primary School Magazine and School Newsletter for many years. She was indeed a great asset to the school.

Mr Narsing Rao joined our School as the teacher of Dance for the Primary Wing on 1st June 1989. He was an extremely proficient teacher who contributed 31 years of service at this esteemed institution. He played a vital role in all the cultural events of the school and has amassed for himself many commendations along the way.
Mrs Jayashree Ganguly has put in 18 years of her incredible service at our school. She worked as a teacher of Music for the Primary Wing. She has mentored and guided many students to find and nurture their musical talents who have gone on to participate in many national music competitions.
Ms Jyothi Chopra has put in 26 years of service to the school. She was an industrious and competent educator who has stimulated many young minds. She was devoted, compassionate and highly esteemed in the teaching profession.
After a warm welcome, The Principal, Vice Principal, Headmistress and the Registrar gave a heartfelt word of thanks to all these teachers who contributed to the welfare of both the students and the school. The teachers then addressed the gathering and expressed their immense pleasure to be associated with the magnificent organization.