Freshers Party 2019

The fresher’s party is an important event in the calendar of the Hyderabad Public School. It marks the beginning of the journey for the new batch of class 11, giving all the students a chance to mingle with and get to know their peers as well as their seniors.

The 11th graders were judged to declare Mr. and Ms. HPS and Mr. and Ms. Fresher. Nikket Messily and Udita Roy were crowned Mr. and Ms. HPS, Aayush and Darshini were crowned Mr. And Ms. Fresher for the year 2019.

The 12th graders hosted and organised the event or put up various performances for their juniors that included multiple dances and songs performed by the school band.

The fresher’s party left everyone having formed new bonds and relationships with their classmates, seniors/juniors and their school.