Grand Independence Day Celebration – 2023

The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, proudly commemorated the 77th Independence Day in a magnificent manner on its lush and vibrant campus, with the illustrious Shaheen monument serving as an iconic backdrop. The celebration held a deep significance as it honoured the nation’s freedom and bridged the gap between the past and the present, given the school’s pre-Independence establishment. Adding to the poignancy of the occasion was the fact that this year marked the Centenary year of the institution.
Distinguished dignitaries and respected members of the school community graced the event, including Mr. Raghuram Reddy, Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors, and Mr. Shyam Mohan, immediate Past President of the HPS Society.
The Chief Guest for the day was Rear Admiral Sanjay Datt, VSM, Commandant of the College of Defence Management, Secunderabad. He was Accompanied by his gracious lady, Ms. Teena Datt. Rear Admiral Sanjay Datt hoisted the National Flag to the resounding strains of the National Anthem, performed with precision by the school’s brass band.
The celebration continued with a parade featuring the NCC students, proudly representing the Army (both boys and girls contingents), Navy, and Air Force, showcasing their discipline and military precision.
The event resonated with patriotic fervor as the Student Choir took the stage, captivating the audience with their soulful rendition of patriotic songs. The collaboration of talented teachers with the choir was a musical treat for everyone present.
The youngest members of the school community, the Pre-Primary eaglets, presented a captivating display titled “Salaam Namaste,” highlighting greetings from diverse cultures. This was followed by a captivating tableau titled “Azadi ki Jhalak,” depicting poignant scenes from India’s struggle for independence.
Amaan Ali Khan, the Head Boy, delivered a poignant speech reflecting on India’s journey over the past 77 years. He emphasized the value of India’s rich human diversity as its inherent strength and expressed his aspiration for the nation to embody Tagore’s vision of a fearless and proud society.
Dr. Skand Bali, the Principal, introduced Rear Admiral Sanjay Datt to the audience and presented him with a plant and memento. Dr. Bali addressed the gathering, inspiring the younger generation to address societal challenges such as pollution, AI, and misinformation spread through social media. He urged the students to be conscious and responsible citizens, reflecting on the nation’s progress since independence.
Rear Admiral Sanjay Datt, the Chief Guest, congratulated the school for nurturing global leaders and expressed his admiration for the event’s flawless execution. He called upon the young generation to recognize their role in nation-building, underlining the virtues of loyalty, leadership, and idealism instilled by the Armed Forces. He urged students to dream big, stand tall, and contribute positively to the nation, highlighting the importance of teamwork and cooperation.
The celebration reached its grand finale with a captivating dance performance titled “Tirange ki Kahani,” presented by middle and senior school students. The resonating voice of Mrs. Amrita Chandra Raju, the Vice Principal, enhanced the evocative choreography.
The responsibility of proposing the vote of thanks fell to the Head Girl, Anuhya Perwala, who expressed gratitude to all who made the event a resounding success.
The event concluded with a collective rendition of the National Anthem, echoing the pride and unity that defined the Independence Day celebration at The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. The grandeur of the occasion, coupled with the messages of unity, responsibility, and patriotism, left an indelible mark on all attendees.