Grandparents meet

The children of *Class 3 * had a very busy and interesting Thursday.
They had a session with a Grandparent.

The grandparent of one of the children was an invited guest in the Classroom.

The children had a wonderfully interactive session with the invited guest. Though they were prepared to ask a few questions, they ended up asking many more and it was a spontaneous exchange of thoughts.

The warmth and love expressed by the guest was wonderful to experience. The children seamlessly absorbed the loving advice given to them. They were able to comprehend how life had changed over the last fifty years and their Changing Lifestyle.

The honoured guests were kind enough to show personal pictures from their school days and childhood. One of the guests was an ex student of HPS, it felt very good to see pictures of HPS taken 50 years ago.

To sum up, as one Grandparent very affectionately put it, HPS should stand as much for The Happy Public School as for The Hyderabad Public School!!