Green colour day

Our kindergarten school was filled with excitement as we celebrated the vibrant and refreshing Green Colour Day! The classrooms were adorned with beautiful green decorations, from green balloons swaying in the air to green streamers hanging on the walls, little ones came dressed in various shades of green, showcasing their creativity and enthusiasm for the special day.
Children participated in a delightful ‘Show and Tell’ session, bringing in their favourite green toys, books, and objects to share with their friends. The day included a fun-filled nature hunt in the school garden, where children eagerly searched for green leaves, flowers, and other green treasures.
Creative minds were at work during craft time, as kids engaged in making adorable green-themed crafts like frogs, trees, and butterflies. The celebration continued with cheerful green songs and dances, allowing the kids to express themselves and have a blast. The Green Colour Day celebration was a resounding success, infusing joy and energy into the school and imparting valuable lessons about nature, creativity, and the significance of the colour green.