Green Day

The Green Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the children and teachers of class I, Primary School on 11th February 2020. It was the most interesting event. It enhanced the students learning of EVS topic “The World of Plants” The teachers displayed the sprouted seedlings which was the week’s class activity along with attractive charts and drawings depicting the green colour and the its best.
Children were asked to bring used paper glasses, small earthen pots, small trays, egg shells for the planting of the seeds. Teachers taught them how to plant a seed and made them follow the growth of the seed every day. This activity engaged all their senses. They could touch and feel the mud and seeds. It taught them the important lesson of how to grow food, a skill that every person on the earth should know. Then there is science behind it. How do seeds sprout? What do seeds need to grow? Finally, there were many important life lessons interlinked with this topic: responsibility of caring for plants, patience while watching plants grow and the self confidence that comes with growing something on their own. They were fascinated how the seeds were sowed into the soil and took great care by watering them daily, waiting for them to grow. When the first sign of green popped through the soil, the biggest smiles erupted on their faces.
The Principal, the Vice Principal and the Registrar appreciated the work & participated by sowing seeds in the earthen pots