ICL Training for Teachers – by AFS India

The Inter Cultural Learning Training,  developed by AFS Inter-cultural Programs in cooperation with the European Federation for Intercultural Learning as part of the Inter-cultural Learning for Teachers and Pupils Project, was organised on 16 March 2019. 32 teachers participated in the training workshop. AFS India offered this one day workshop for teachers as the ongoing developmental processes aimed at acquiring inter-cultural competence. The training was conducted by Mrs. Sarita Badhwar, consultant, AFS India, a national qualifying trainer. She has conducted ICL Training for 464 teachers in 29 schools pan India since June 2018.

This course helped teachers develop inter-cultural competences and aimed at preparing them to use the Toolbox for Learning at School with their students. This training course was aimed at providing the educators  with new methods and tools to promote inter-cultural dialogue, in order to prepare pupils for living in diverse societies and working in a global market. Critical topics included cultural self-awareness, concepts of culture, and awareness of general cultural differences. Other study areas include cultural values and dimensions, communication styles, and cultural adaptation.