Inauguration of the “KALA PRAANGAN” – Fine Arts Corner” Dance and Art Rooms.

The grand inauguration of the KALA PRAANGAN Fine Arts Corner was a momentous occasion that resonated with joy, creativity, and a commitment to nurturing the artistic spirit in our school. Nestled in the embrace of nature, this new addition stands as an inspiration for all who seek to explore the boundless realms of dance and art.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence Dr. Skand Bali, Principal,  Ms. Amrita Chandra Raju, Vice Principal, and Col. Sarma, Registrar, who, alongside the enthusiastic participation of students and teaching staff, infused the atmosphere with contagious enthusiasm and genuine celebration.

The meticulously designed Dance and Art rooms, adorned with elegant mirrors, soft lighting, and acoustics that resonate like a symphony, create a sanctuary for artists and dancers alike. These spaces are a canvas for students to paint their dreams and dance to the rhythm of their hearts. During the inauguration, the moment when the school leaders and staff actively engaged in creating art together underscored the collaborative and inclusive spirit that KALA PRAANGAN embodies.

The captivating performance by the Middle school Cultural Prefects, Sahasra and Laasya Rana, added a touch of grace and tradition, setting the stage for the incredible artistic journey that lies ahead. Their classical dance infused the room with energy and left everyone in awe, inspiring the entire school community.

The carefully chosen name, KALA PRAANGAN, meaning Fine Arts Corner, reflects not just a physical space but a living, breathing entity where harmony and creativity converge. This name was selected with utmost care, signifying the belief that within these walls, students will not only explore their artistic talents but also experience a harmonious blend of self-discovery and expression.

Let the Fine Arts Corner be a place where imaginations take flight, colors come alive, and movements tell stories. We believe that the arts are not just an extracurricular pursuit but an integral part of education, providing a unique avenue for personal growth, resilience, and an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.