Inter House Dance Competition

The Primary School conducted Inter House Dance Competition on 5th September 2018. Students of the four houses put up toe tapping renditions to folk and western numbers. The Classical Dance performed by the young eaglets was a treat to watch.

Vijayanagar House – Students of the Vijayanagar House presented a beautiful Goan folk dance. The dance is a celebration of Bounty (a good catch) – the harvest from sea by the local fishermen and their families.

Taxila House – The Taxila House performed the Kalbelia – a folk dance from Rajasthan. The dance performed by both men and women is integral to the culture of the  Kalbelia tribe. It celebrates the creative adaptation of this community of snake charmers to the changing socio economic condition and their own role in rural Rajasthan.

Nagarjuna House – Students of the Nagarjuna House performed the Sambalpuri folk dance of Odisha. This dance is unique in itself because of the traditional sarees the dancers wear. It is usually performed during fairs, marriages, festivals and around the time of harvest.

Nalanda House – The Nalanda House put up the Bhangra- a folk dance from Punjab. The dance is generally performed during Vaisakhi which is a harvest festival. Bhangra is a lively and energetic dance where both men and women take part with much vigour and vivaciousness.