ISDI & DICE Workshop

A group of 85 students from classes 9,10 & 12  participated in an interactive workshop organized by Indian School of Design & Innovation(ISDI)

& DICE on 30th March 2019. The theme of workshop was Design & Hospitality. It began with a couple of talks on design and hospitality careers by  Mr. Rohan Hiranandani, Vice President -Outreach and Admissions followed by a  Footprints Workshop- an Immersive Workshop on gathering all memories illustratively and Interior Spaces & Built Environment Workshop where students created pre-instructed spaces with the material provided to them.

The students had fun blended with awareness while developing the 21st century skills like communication, empathy, critical thinking, flexibility, creativity, leadership, and social skills. They explored new ways of working through absorbing the energy of like-minded people along with  interacting face to face  with the expert from ISDI. Students were presented participation certificates for showcasing creativity and innovation.