Math Fest-Pre-Primary

The teachers of Pre primary school organised Math Fest on the 19th of February 2019. An array of activities was set up outside every class room of PP2. The event focused on teaching children Math using hands-on practical method by giving children an opportunity to participate in various activities. Some of the topics that were displayed were number rhymes, addition, subtraction, place value, counting, number names, missing numbers, ‘Math in daily life’, shapes, etc. Each topic had a group of different activities that helped children understand them better.

Some of the activities were- ‘make your own  jewellery’ (by counting), building blocks, shooting numbers, snakes and ladders, matching shapes, just to name a few.

Children were seen having a wonderful time, taking turns and eagerly waiting to move on to the next activity.

The fest was put on display for 3 days and at the end of the week every child of PP2 was give a pack of ‘flash cards’, which ranged from addition, subtraction and number names. Children were extremely excited and couldn’t wait to use their flash cards.

During dispersal, some children were seen enthusiastically showing their parents their favourite activities.

The Math fest was a big success and was also greatly appreciated by a few parents who got to see what was put on display.