Math Workshop

ICSE & ISC Mathematics workshops were conducted on 11th November and 13th November
2019, about 60 participants from various ICSE & ISC schools in the city affiliated to CISCE New
Delhi attended the workshop. The resource person was the Head Master of Middle School Mr M
V A Chandrasekhar.
The Syllabi , scope , teaching methodologies, design and blue print of the question papers,
methods of designing the same, time management techniques,  systematized presentation of
solutions in the answer booklet at Board examination level, systematized evaluation methods,
concepts of marking scheme with examples, importance of maintaining highest levels of
accuracy while presenting the solutions of the question paper along with a few examples,
different types of projects and internal assessment at ISC and ICSE level were discussed
during these two day long sessions that can be best described as a learning process never
ends for all.