Meet Your MAYOR

The students of class 4 were privileged and honoured when an opportunity like interacting with the first citizen of the city, Our Mayor Mr. Bonthu Ram Mohan knocked at our doors.The programme was organized by class 4 co-ordinator Mrs. Nalini Nair and Mrs. Gayatri, in the forefront for raising awareness on the ‘Role of GHMC’ in Hyderabad city.
The programme was scheduled on 4th March ,2020. Two eaglets from each section of class 4 were selected for the interaction . Our eaglets were excited and eager to meet Mayor sir while waiting for him in his conference room.The students were escorted to his chamber where they GREETED HIM. The Mayor and his team made the students feel comfortable and after a brief photo session asked the students to ‘ shoot’ their queries at them. The students asked some wonderful questions like ‘Do we have a helpline for GHMC like the Police and Ambulance? What measures are you taking to segregate the waste and where is the dump yard? And many more like this. The best question was , What is the role of a Mayor? And the best answer was given in a students language- A Mayor is the Class Teacher of Hyderabad City . There was a round of applause for this , and then the students showed their gratitude by thanking Mayor sir and his team and also appreciated the paintings drawn across Hyderabad to beautify our city.
Our eaglets had a memorable and knowledgeable session