Ms.Meera farewell

Farewell to Ms. Meera
The Hyderabad Public School had its first online farewell on 30th June,2020. It was held between 4 and 4.45pm. The farewell had been organized for the school’s beloved teacher, Mrs. Meera Vedre. Going down memory lane, Mrs. Meera first began her journey in HPS on June 15th,1995. She taught classes ranging from PP1 all the way to Grade 12.
Being a keen observer of human psychology, she appreciates friendly people and a healthy environment. Her flawless and impeccable style of teaching the English Language always inspired the students to learn better and do better.
On the day of the event, she was wholeheartedly welcomed with a sapling. Following that, heartfelt speeches were made by the Registrar, the Vice-Principal, and the Principal. A fellow school teacher, Mrs. Sujaya bid farewell to Mrs. Meera Vedre by singing a very melodious song. The event ended with our Principal, Dr. Skand Bali, presenting a memento to Mrs. Meera.
Mrs. Meera will always be remembered by the students for acting like a strong guiding force and a second mother who supported them when situations got hard. Nobody can ever really say goodbye to a teacher, for they forever stay in little homes called the hearts of their students.