My Pet- PP2

My pet was a hands-on experience for the entire pre-primary. To teach the importance of caring for animals, the pre-primary celebrated Pet Day as a part of their thematic unit – “My Pet .”The main objective of organizing Pet Day was to bring awareness and create a sense of responsibility in the minds of our tiny tots on how to love and care for other living beings. Few enthusiastic parents having pets at home took some time from their busy schedule to let learners have hands-on experience and learn about caring for pets. They provided information about the food, and the care that had to be taken at home. The children were thrilled to touch the animals and observe their movements and behavior. They were curious about the pets and clarified their doubts with the parents. Pet animals such as pony, a few breeds of dogs –like a Pug, Dalmatian, love birds, a rabbit, and Fighter fish visited our school. It was indeed an exciting and knowledgeable experience for our children. The parents, too, were happy interacting and communicating with the Pre-primary children.