National Science Day Celebration

The Hyderabad Public School believes that learning by doing has a profound impact on the development of scientific temper in the student community.

In commemoration of the birth anniversary of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, the Indian physicist and Nobel prize winner, the three science departments celebrated the National Science Day on the theme “Integrated approach in science and technology for a sustainable future” on 28th February 2022 in the Mini Auditorium.

Our respected Principal(FAC), Ms.Amrita Chandra Raju, inaugurated the programme. This was followed by a presentation on Great Indian Scientists and their contribution to science. Students of class 7 did the role-play of famous scientists like Marie Curie, Abdul Kalaam, C V Raman, etc.

Our grade 9 students Praseeth, Riddhima, Nithya and Ramanathan, presented the model Agnosagua as a water cleaning buoy that cleans chemicals, plastic, and nuclear waste from water bodies. Agnosagua is a machine that integrates the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Electronics.

The department of Chemistry showcased Dancing fireball,
Chemical lighter, Electroplating, Rainbow in glass, and distillation of tap water.

Biology exhibits included – testing the nature of soil samples, contamination in food, paper chromatography for separation of pigments found in leaves, transpiration in plants, and potato osmoscope.

Physics experiments included:
● Concepts of Primary and secondary colours.
● Superimposition of sound waves of both ripple and plane waves.
● Sonometer.
● Newton’s cradle.
● Distance measurement using ultrasound with the help of Arduino programming.
The middle and senior school students who visited the science were highly impressed. They left with bright faces that reflected the vast amount of knowledge they had gained from the innovative exhibits.