Old age home and orphanage visit

On 11th January, 2023, 5 students of grade 11 along with 2 teachers had paid a visit to St. Joseph’s old age home and Helping Hands orphanage.

The sales proceeds which we had received from the fete organised on the 14th of November, undertaken as a part of the Entrepreneurship programme were donated to these institutions.

₹12, 000 to St. Joseph’s old age home and ₹16, 700 to Helping Hands orphanage.

The experience for all of us, including for our teachers who had come along was so very heart touching.

We met some very inspirational people at the old age home and heard their stories. Every story differed from the different people we met.

They had done a tremendous job throughout their lives and though confined to an old age home, away from their loved ones, they had beautiful smiles on their faces.

We bid them farewell with a heavy heart after spending the morning with them and feeding them breakfast.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet the children from the orphanage but we made sure to leave them lots of snacks behind and their donation money.

We saw where these people dwell and felt gratitude, compassion and awe.

Every one of us looks forward to seeing these people again and doing more for many more institutions that deserve our help.

We thank the school for this wonderful opportunity.