Pink Day

Pink Day: Celebrating the Beauty of Pink Colour
Seeing our little ones dressed in various shades of pink and carrying pink-coloured toys was a delightful sight. The occasion was Pink Day, celebrated with great enthusiasm by the young children of PP-2.
Pink Day was organised to introduce the children to the concept of colours and the significance of pink colour in our lives. During the event, the children were taught that pink colour is obtained by mixing red and white. They were also introduced to the different shades of pink and were encouraged to identify them in the objects around them.
Bulletin boards were decorated with things in pink, and posters showcasing the impact of pink colour in our lives were displayed in the classroom. The children were also engaged in various hands-on activities, such as painting and colouring, which reinforced the concept of colour in them.
The aim of these activities was to make the children identify the pink colour and understand its significance in our lives. They were taught that pink colour signifies love, beauty, and kindness. The young ones were educated about the importance of expressing love and kindness towards others.
Pink Day was a great learning experience for the children. It helped them develop their cognitive and motor skills while also encouraging them to appreciate the beauty of colours. The event also served as an opportunity for the children to bond with their classmates and teachers.
In conclusion, Pink Day was a successful event that helped the young ones identify and appreciate the beauty of pink colour. It also taught them the importance of expressing love and kindness towards others, making it an enriching experience for everyone involved.