Pre Primary English Fest

Eaglet English exhibition a colourful educative and memorable English fest was organised by the Pre primary on the 8th of January. The event was a three day extravaganza in the pre primary premises. After a month long planning and preparing, teachers displayed some extraordinary work to help the child gain a strong foundation for future learning. In par with the curriculum the activities were designed to enhance fine motor skills, communication skills, phonetics, thinking and analytical skills, creative thinking etc.  Each class displayed story boards, rhyme boards, alphabet hangings and hands on activities. The children participated enthusiastically and had a great time with them. The story board and the rhyme board helped the children create a visual impression.  The stories of goldilocks and Hansel and Gretel were recreated live in the premises. This story corner created a magical experience for the children. A special assembly was conducted which engaged the children in singing rhymes and story telling. With lots of experience, memory and knowledge gained the event ended with each child being gifted a storybook  with the teachers personalised note to encourage and inculcate reading habits.