Pre-Primary Graduation Ceremony

On the 1st of April, 2019 the year came to a successful end for the students of PP2, class of 2018-2019, as the students celebrated their day of graduation from Pre Primary School to Primary School.

Children looked adorable in their co ordinated black and white attire- girls in black skirts, white shirts and red bows and the boys in black trousers, white shirts  and red bows. To top off their ensemble the  young students also wore graduation robes and hats which  added to their attraction. In keeping with the dress code, the teachers also wore shades of red and white.

The event saw the graduates line up nervously to receive their kindergarten diplomas from the Principal, Dr. Skand Bali and the Head Mistress of the Primary School , Mrs.Bharathi Duuvuri.

One by one, they went up to the podium, where they received their diploma certificates. The youngsters then happily posed for pictures with their scrolls, all the while looking their absolute best! The students were also given a story book as a take away by their teachers.

At the end of the day the students were joined by their elated parents who’d come to collect their children after the ceremony. A few parents and teachers couldn’t help but shed a tear on this momentous occasion, on seeing their little babies grow up so quickly. It was a proud, bittersweet moment, especially for the teachers, who’d miss their little students the most.