Pre-primary Picnic:

The kindergarten students brimmed with excitement as they embarked on a memorable picnic at the school grounds, eagerly anticipating a day filled with fun and laughter. The school grounds, transformed into a vibrant playground, provided the perfect backdrop for the little ones to explore the wonders of nature and engage in outdoor activities.
Their faces adorned with smiles, ready to enjoy a day of camaraderie under the open sky. The picnic basket unveiled an array of healthy snacks, from sandwiches to fruits, ensuring the children had delicious and nourishing treats during their outdoor adventure.
Various games and activities were organized, including sack races, tug-of-war, and a mini treasure hunt, fostering teamwork and physical development. The little explorers embarked on a nature scavenger hunt, discovering leaves, flowers, and bugs, enhancing their connection with the natural world.
The day included a cheerful picnic parade, where children marched around the school ground in a colourful procession, showcasing their enthusiasm and unity. The picnic atmosphere resonated with laughter, music, and dance as teachers and students came together for impromptu dance sessions and sing-alongs.
The open-air setting provided a unique opportunity for teachers to engage the children in a special picnic-themed storytelling session, sparking their imagination. The picnic served as a platform for building and strengthening friendships as children collaborated in games and shared delightful moments with their peers.
As the picnic came to an end, tired yet content smiles adorned the faces of the little adventurers, expressing gratitude for a day filled with joy, play, and cherished memories.